5 Things One Must Have To Become an Entrepreneur



In this write-up, I am going to share my research on entrepreneurs and all the common traits from successful entrepreneurs. I am an aspiring entrepreneur and am always looking for start-up ideas and the check-list on how to become a successful entrepreneur can always be found in my recent history. I am working on myself so I can bring something to the table when I start my own business. Again, according to my research and study, entrepreneurs must have certain skills and habits as their prerequisite to jump into a big venture like owning a business. Also, having skills, having good amount of investment are secondary in value when it comes to having the right attitude and leadership. Having all resources is one step but without right leadership and wise decisions at the right time makes all the difference. Glad my Mediacom deals are paying me back now by helping me research and learn some valuable skills online.

1. Prefer Excellence over Perfection

Prefer Excellence over Perfection

Success never looks for perfections. All the success stories and examples have everything but perfection in common. People are prone to relate anything imperfect getting success with luck only. However, success only looks for excellence. Technically, anyone who is struggling to talk, walk, bring forward anything, launch an idea, or complete a project are more focused on what people think that what they originally planned. Reach the point of perfectionism is a complete process and people like the process. Everybody is a perfect example of work in progress and that is interesting for audiences to something or someone evolves with time.

2. Get Uncomfortable

Comfort zone is a very good place, but nobody grows there. If you are not in pain or uncomfortable once in a while, that means you are just repeating what you learned – monotonous routine. Growth is uncomfortable and at times difficult. Learning something new requires us to make an extra effort and eventually get uncomfortable. Nothing comes easy and for becoming successful that rule is mandatory. Change is the only constant thing and if we do not deliberately train ourselves with change, it will always be hard on us to step up.
It can be as small as having a dialogue with a colleague or public speaking or a different project than what we do in routine. Next level is always different and requires us to jump out of our comfort zones hence that should make total sense.

3. Stay Brutally Honest

Stay Brutally Honest

As marketers or an entrepreneur, we’re totally relying on and following a certain vision and joining dots every day to complete the picture of our goals. Our willingness and receptiveness to inquire and taking a keen interest in knowing where we fall short actually create stress accelerate our success.

We should be kind enough with ourselves to not to magnify our own mistakes out of proportion yet critical enough to find out what is wrong on our end.

One best practice is to check each day planner for one month. By the end of each day, make a to-do list of what still needs to be done and put a notation next to all the pending things. What was the challenge, what distracted you from completing that? Or possibly, nothing happened as such and you need to work on your time management. Change and update your list on a constant basis the next day and start again. Chances are, by the time you reach the month end, you may have a clear picture of your distractions and what is causing the distraction and that is going to be a truthful reflection of where exactly is the restriction.

4. Be Curious

Ask questions where you cannot gratify your curiosity. Curiosity is a very healthy habit if build in a constructive manner where you learn something. If done otherwise, you are just wasting your time. What you ask, tells a lot about you as a person than what you answer. A brilliant mind is always figuring things out, constantly learning new things and always on the go.
An inquisitive person has better solutions to the problems than a person who just complains. Being curious makes you more approachable, find more friends with similar mindsets and spark conversations on unusual topics and places. In a business or job, intelligent conversation always works.

5. Know Yourself

Know Yourself

The fastest route you can take to achieve your goals without draining and wasting your energies is by knowing your strengths, recognizing your skills earlier in your life. Even more crucial than how to fuel your skills and take them further.

People assume maybe there is any magic trick to achieve success. The idea in which you wake up get up in the morning, following a healthy lifestyle, working 18-hours a day. That is not true because what works for me may not work for you. We all are different, our stories, backgrounds, and journeys are also different. My sibling will have different circumstances, same goes for a twin who has everything same as you but the journey and how life treats each one of you.

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