5 Things Home Buyers Look For In A Forever Home

Starter homes are small houses that are fit for single people or a young couple. There will come a time, though, for these people to find another place where they could see themselves growing a family and spending their retirement. Thus, they would now shift to finding what’s called a ‘forever home’ for the family—and this trend has been happening for a while all over the U.S.

Forever homes are houses people see themselves living in for a long time. These structures usually contain features people want to see in their houses. This explains why many people are meticulous when it comes to looking for their forever homes.

Are you thinking of selling your current property in the hopes that forever home buyers will find it appealing? Then you might need to learn what people typically look for in a forever home:

1. It’s All About Location

For home buyers looking for their forever homes, location is the primary factor. A house with tons of potential could be open for major upgrades, but the neighborhood can never be changed. For families, a house near schools, hospitals, and other child-friendly amenities is imperative for their daily lives. It’s also a plus for a home that is near public transportation and shopping centers.

They say that the best time to buy a home is during the summer and spring seasons because there would be a wider range of choices. Though it’s important to consider that the weather affects the home’s location, becoming a significant factor since houses should be better suited for the regional climate. Homes should have proper ventilation to combat the heat during the summer. And if buyers are looking within a location that experiences heavy snowfall, the home’s HVAC system should be properly installed.


2. Size And Layout Of The House

Louisville is a city in Kentucky, and it’s considered as one of the best places to live in the area. Due to having good neighborhoods, the proliferation of forever homes has been increasing because of the demand for families to move into the city.

Louisville home buyers can be particular to the square footage and the layout of the house. Many home buyers prefer an open layout because they have the opportunity to experiment in their spaces. Aside from that, an open layout makes any home look and feel larger than it is.

When it comes to size, families prefer a house with larger square footage and more bedrooms. There will also be home buyers looking for downsized homes that focus more on functional spaces than square footage.

3. Natural Light

There are many reasons why natural light is important for every home. Having sunlight enter the house makes it look bigger and brighter, and it can also affect the mood of the people living in it. Natural light is also a determining feature as it makes a home energy efficient; people won’t need to turn on their lights as much in the morning. If you want to attract forever home buyers, you should pay attention to this feature.

Here are other simple ways to increase natural light in your property:

  • Clean your windows
  • Use mirrors in strategic locations like the living room or dining space.
  • Consider changing dark interior colors and choose white or light colors
  • Arrange your furniture to create open spaces and don’t block your windows

Home Buyers Look For In A Forever Home

4. Curb Appeal And Landscaping

In certain areas of Virginia, narrow lots pose a major challenge for home designers. However, there are still many ways to improve the exterior look of your home. For instance, the presence of extensive trees and flowers around neighborhoods in Norfolk help give the homes a ‘nature fresh’ type of vibe. Thus, you can expect Norfolk home buyers to give importance to a home’s curb appeal and landscaping when they see such examples.

Home buyers also inspect architectural designs and character, observing whether the exterior matches the interior design. Another aspect they notice is if the roofing looks intact or the windows and doors are secured.

5. Yard Or Lawn Maintenance

Most people don’t want to deal with too much lawn work because of their busy lifestyle. If there are too many trees, grass, or plants surrounding the property, it could become a major turnoff for growing families as the adults won’t have the time to do proper maintenance. An unmaintained lawn will decrease the home’s curb appeal, and homeowners don’t want that to happen. For the yard, a Norfolk home could display beautiful trees and flowers that complement those in their neighborhood.


If you’re a home seller, you need to take these things into consideration to attract potential forever home buyers. You may not have control over your property’s location, but you can still do other things to attract home buyers. There are quick fixes you can do, like increasing natural light in your space and improving its curb appeal. If you have the money to make huge upgrades, look into increasing square footage and adjusting the layout of the property.

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