5 Simple Ways to Make Your Living Space More Comfortable

Having a comfortable living space is an important part of your life. You don’t want to come home from a hard day at work and feel stressed out by your normal environment. A lot of things contribute to how comfortable your living space is. It might be too cluttered, or there may not be enough decorating to be aesthetically pleasing.

Knowing how to make your living spaces more comfortable isn’t always something that comes easily to everyone. There are a lot of variables to consider and sometimes it’s so overwhelming that you just give up and leave everything as it is. It’s understandable to just quit trying if you get overwhelmed but that won’t give you a comfortable place to live in the end.

If you’re looking for advice on how to make your living space more comfortable then you’re in the right place. Sometimes all you need is a little nudge in the right direction and you’ll be able to get your home together in no time. From adding fine art pieces like paintings to updating a paint color, here are five simple ways to make your living space more comfortable.

1. Fuzzy Or Tufted Area Rugs

Fuzzy Or Tufted Area Rugs

Get rid of the area rugs that came from the bargain bin and upgrade to area rugs that are tufted, fluffy, or chunky knit. These rugs give the room you’re in a sense of warmth and coziness that you just can’t get from a normal area rug. They’re also very inviting for anyone who has to sit on the floor if you run out of seating at a party.

Area rugs are a great way to make your living space more comfortable because they’re easy to care for and even when you upgrade they’re still pretty affordable. As a bonus, they also protect your wall to wall carpeting or hardwood flooring from direct spills. And, again, they’re super easy to clean. You’ll be able to flip them over and get the stain all the way out. Not possible with carpeting.

Consider area rugs with intriguing prints, extra textures, or bright colors to bring the room to a new level. You don’t have to go bland or predictable with an area rug. They aren’t a permanent addition to any room so if you don’t like it you can move it to another spot or resell it to someone who can adore it in their own home.

2. Go For Dark And Monochrome

This tip might not sound comfortable and cozy at first but give it a bit of a chance first. Look around your living room or bedroom and start to imagine that each thing is the same shade. Imagine a deep metallic purple or grey. Furniture and walls that are monochrome and muted even though the color itself is bold. Can you see the comfortability increasing yet?

This dramatic and bold decorating choice gives you a room that feels luxurious the minute you walk into the room. You can feel the stress of the day melting away when you walk into a room where everything just makes sense. That’s where the monochrome comes into play.

The dark colors come into play when you realize some rooms just shouldn’t be about white walls and bright playful themes. Use the monochrome dramatic look for rooms where you just want to cuddle up with a blanket and read a book.

Think of it as a way to signify it’s your quiet space. The lack of bright noisy colors and distractions will help you fully focus on being comfortable and relaxing the day away.

3. Use Lots Of Throw Blankets

Use Lots Of Throw Blankets
Throw blankets might seem like a frivolous and useless item to buy but they can change how your whole living room looks. You can use throw blankets to make everything in your living room feel cozy and comfy. There are all kinds of throws out there to appease your inner interior designer.

From huge chunky knit throws to sherpa-lined throws you’re going to find something you love. Place them around your room strategically or let them fall where they may. Either look will add comfort and warmth that anyone will enjoy when they’re visiting. You’ll know the idea worked when your guests sit on your couch and instinctually grab a blanket to snuggle up in.

4. Add In Some Artwork

Art makes your whole home more comfortable. It’s a way to make your walls look like they matter and are part of the plan. Without art on your walls, your home could look like it’s just a stark white boring room to live in no matter where you go in your home. Avoid this by bringing in the artwork you love.

You have a lot of options for bringing in art to your home. You can create a gallery wall above your couch, you could hang picture wire and let your kids draw pictures to hang up. You could even paint one accent wall with chalkboard paint and let your kids go nuts drawing on the wall. Whatever works for you, just bring some art into your home to make it more comfortable.

5. Upgrade Your Furniture

If you’re still living with the furniture you got when you were 20 and just moving into your first place, it’s time for an upgrade. Comfortable living has everything to do with how comfortable and durable your furniture is. Your room and living space just aren’t going to be comfortable if you have a lumpy couch or a bed you dread sleeping in every night.

Shop around for good deals but definitely go for the upgrades. If you’ve always wanted a sectional it’s time to do that. If you want a bed that’s plush and feels like a cloud to sleep on, go for it. Whatever furniture upgrade it takes to make you feel at peace when you walk in the door is worth it. Upgrade your furniture and instantly find your home more comfortable.


Making your home more comfortable can be a fun task. Take things one at a time and remember you don’t have to use every tip you read out there. Think about what works for you and your home and make the changes you’re going to love the most. It will take a little effort to figure out what you’ll love and get it started but a comfy home will always be worth that effort.

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