5 Simple Steps for a Spacious Property Makeover



If your happy little place doesn’t look spacious, it can make you feel a bit stressed out. After all, we all love being in a big, open environment where we can breathe fresh air and relax in natural lighting. But it’s really hard to feel that way in a cluttered and cramped space. That’s why you should invest some time to give your cozy haven a mini makeover. A mini makeover of your place, such as decluttering and making it look more spacious, doesn’t have to be an expensive and hefty endeavor. Plus, a makeover can also help you increase the overall value of your property significantly, say the experts of property management San Francisco.

You can make your property look nice and spacious without spending little to no money. This will not only make your place look and feel more spacious but also ten times more aesthetic and clean. So, in this article, to help you guys give your place a mini makeover, we will discuss some expert-loved tips and tricks for making your place look more spacious. So, let’s dive in!

Expert Loved Steps For a Spacious Property Makeover

1. The Power of Sunshine: Maximize Natural Light

Sunshine is the most important factor in making any place look and feel more spacious. The natural lighting doesn’t only make your place look aesthetic but also much more wide and open. So, consider utilizing the natural lighting in your place to its best. To make your place look and feel more spacious. You can consider installing more mirrors in your place to reflect that natural light and make your whole place look and appear more spacious. As per the experts at property management in Oakland California, more spacious places tend to increase their overall worth as they look bigger.

Did you know?

The price of a newly constructed 2013 sq. ft. house in Oakland, CA is $1,95,000

2. Clearing the Clutter: Declutter and Organize

The key to making any place look more spacious is de-cluttering. Any place would look cramped, unaesthetic, and spacious with all the mess around. So, first clean out the mess in your house, and if some necessary things are lying on your couch and your tables. You can consider organizing them in baskets and cabinets so that they don’t ruin the aesthetic of your place. After cleaning out the visual mess, you can instantly feel how spacious your place looks.

3. Versatility is Key: Choose Multipurpose Furniture

When you have limited space in your house, you need to use your space wisely. So, going for multipurpose furniture is going to be the smartest choice. Multipurpose furniture not only helps you save more space, but you can also hide away the daily mess in that furniture. This will keep your place nice and clean at all times. Clean places always look and feel more spacious and aesthetic.

Did you know?

A decent 1080 sq. ft. condo in San Francisco is $361,677.

4. Soaring to New Heights: Play with Vertical Space

When there’s a small space or if your house just has lower ceilings, you can consider using vertical storage solutions to help you achieve a more elevated look. You can think of playing around with things like tall bookshelves or tall wall-mounted storage solutions to help you achieve a taller look. Besides that, you can easily utilize these storage solutions to store some things. And additions like bookshelves can also add to the aesthetic appeal of your place.

5. A Canvas of Calm: Neutral Color Palette

Colors have immense potential for making your place look more aesthetic and spacious. You may wonder how it can make your place look more spacious. So, imagine entering a room with bold and dark colors. Such colors might look and feel aesthetic, but rooms with neutral and light colors look spacious and open up the whole place. So, it’s a great idea to keep your walls light-colored to make them look more wide. If you want to add personality to your rooms, consider using throw pillows and some bold-colored artwork.

Final Thoughts

The key to making any place look aesthetic and nice enough to relax and have quality time. It’s important to create a wide and open environment. To create an open environment, you should make your space look and feel aesthetic. We hope with the help of the above-shared tips and tricks, you can easily make your place look aesthetic and spacious whether it’s making use of natural lighting in your house or just organizing the everyday mess. You easily undertake this endeavor of making your place look more spacious without spending much time and money. 

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