5 Simple Hacks to Boost the Curb Appeal of your Box Beams and Timber Frames

Wood is an amazing building material with a ton of benefits for the construction and design industry. Its versatility, energy, and environmental benefits are some of the reasons many homeowners prefer it over other materials for both their interiors and exteriors. However, like cars and appliances, it needs care and maintenance to keep its aesthetics and most importantly, prevent damage.

Timber frames and box beams serve a vital purpose in any given structure. This means they require a high level of maintenance than the usual wooden building and decor materials. Today, let’s talk about maintenance of box beams and timber frames. What are some of the simple hacks you can employ to ensure your frames and beams look attractive for years to come?

Routine Check

Routine Check

Whether you own a timber-framed house or a standard brick house, you have a responsibility to take care of your timber frames and your box beams respectively. By having periodical checks, you eliminate any encroaching disaster that wants to wipe the finish on the frames or damage it all altogether. If you find that there’s a need for restoration, you can get to it as early as you can. Some of the things to look out for during the routine check include the following:

  • Moisture: Moisture is undeniably wood’s worst enemy. If left to dominate timber frames and box frames, it causes whitish streams and marks under the finish. This looks unattractive. Then, of course, there’s the dangerous risk of making the timber rot. Your best bet to avoiding these issues is to control the moisture so that it doesn’t spread and damage your box beams and timber frames.
  • Cracks: Cracks in box beams and timber frames aren’t to be taken lightly. Cracked timber is a health hazard to any structure and needs immediate fixing to promote safety. If you notice any loose screws and cracks during your routine checks, better call an expert to fix them as soon as possible.
  • Finishing: It is also a good idea to check the overall condition of the finish on your timber frames and box beams. The finish is what acts as protection and hence should be in perfect shape always. Look out for faded, chipped, cracked, and peeling finishes, and if you find anything out of the ordinary, apply another coat before the damage goes any further.

Rejuvenate Old Finish

Rejuvenate Old Finish
There are cases when dead finish needs to be removed from timber frames and box beams. This occurs when the wood has suffered severe damage to the extent that another coat of paint will only make matters worse. In this case, try the following hacks:

  • Apply Paste Wax: Using a cloth, apply paste wax into the pores of the damages timber in circular motions. Paste wax is relatively easy to apply and works wonders as far as the creation of low-luster sheen is concerned. Once you are done, let the paste dry. You will end up with a subtle, antique finish that looks amazing.
  • Apply Tung oil: Paste wax can only do so much if your timber frames and box beans have extremely deteriorated finishes. Thankfully, Tung oil has been designed to take care of this problem. You can use an application pad where you dip it into the oil and apply it over the wood. Let the oil soak into the wood before you wipe off the excess. This enhances adequate hardening penetration inside the pores of the wood. Just like that, your once dull and boring timber frames will come back to life again.
  • Use Lubricated Sandpaper: If you don’t want to destroy the original finish of the timber, Box Beam Big Timberworks suggests using lubricated sandpaper to smooth rough edges and carefully remove the dead finish. Be sure to use extremely fine sandpaper combined with lemon oil for a perfectly rejuvenated wood.

Keep The Timber Dry And Ventilated

Rotting is inevitable sometimes but if you are dead serious about keeping your box beams and timber frames dry, you will prevent rotting and decay to a substantial level.

Wet timber is a perfect host for an array of fungi cultures that contribute to its decay. To avoid this, watch how water splashes on the beams during thorough cleaning.

Deal with any drainage issues in your kitchen or bathroom as soon as possible. Do routine moisture checks as suggested above. Let there be sufficient light and a free flow of air where the timber frames and box beams are placed. Ensure that all cavity vents are clog-free. In simple terms, do your due diligence and see just how many years of service your timber will give you.

Treat The Lumber

Treat The Lumber
It is amazing how many homeowners ignore the importance of treating their timber frames and box beams even after knowing how deadly mushrooms and termites are. When it comes to these two, prevention is always better than cure. Don’t be caught in the web; treat your timber frames and box beams as often as is recommended by the experts. Otherwise, you will spend millions of dollars trying desperately to fix a termite situation before it destroys your structure completely.

Remove Mold And Mildew

Remove Mold And Mildew
Just like water, mold and mildew are two elements that destroy the aesthetic value and sustainability of wood and its durability. If you have noticed that your timber frames and box beams are often overwhelmed by mold and mildew, don’t sweat it. Just mix one part of vinegar and four parts water then pour the mixture over the timber. The solution has been known to squarely deal with stubborn mold and mildew that loves growing on varnished, stained, and stained timber surfaces.

Timber frames and box beams are perfect targets for a number of beauty-damaging elements, including moisture, termites, mushroom, mold, and mildew. If you want to keep your timber in perfect shape all year around, pay more attention to how well you maintain them. Apply the above 5 hacks for effective results.

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