5 Signs That it’s Time to Remove Your Old Swimming Pool

One of the biggest luxuries for the last century has been an in-ground pool. This isn’t something that is going to change, but that doesn’t mean all pool owners appreciate how much work it takes to keep the pool in excellent shape. If you’re considering swimming pool removal, here are some reasons to do so.

It Won’t Be an Asset When Selling Your Home

Most of the time, a pool that has been well cared for is going to be a perk for people looking to purchase your home. However, if your pool hasn’t been maintained in a while and it looks like it’s falling apart, it can be a reason for someone not to buy your home. Nobody wants to deal with taking care of a pool that is an eyesore in the backyard. Talk to real estate agents in your area to see whether your pool could help or hinder the process.
It Won’t Be an Asset When Selling Your Home

You Aren’t Using the Pool Any Longer

Sometimes having a pool is a great thing because you use it all the time. In other cases, it might get old and no longer offer much to you. Some of the reasons you may not be using your pool include:

  • The excitement of having the pool has gone away, and it only takes up time and money to keep it in good shape.
  • The weather isn’t ideal, so you never find time when you can get in the pool.
  • The kids are no longer around to use the pool like they used to.
  • Swimming by yourself isn’t much fun, or you aren’t a big swimmer.

Any of these situations may mean that swimming pool removal is a good choice in your case.

Pool Maintenance Services Cost Too Much

Paying for a pool service company to maintain the pool can add up over time. They can clean the pool, check water levels, and swap out the filter, but the convenience means a hit to your wallet. It can cost thousands of dollars a year to maintain a pool. If that isn’t worth it to you, it might be time to have a swimming pool removal.

The Pool Needs a Few Too Many Repairs

As a pool ages, repairs tend to be needed on a more regular basis. If you’re struggling to pay the bills, having a ton of repairs to deal with can be stressful. You may not have money for replacement equipment, filters, or chemicals. If that’s the case, filling in the pool could be a good choice.
The Pool Needs a Few Too Many Repairs

You Want the Space for Some Other Purpose

If you aren’t using the pool anymore and there’s something else you’d rather have in the space, swimming pool removal is a solid option. It gives you back plenty of space for a garden, an outdoor kitchen, or a gazebo like you’ve been wanting.

A pool can be a lot of fun, but sometimes it can also be a hassle. Don’t be afraid to investigate swimming pool removal if you aren’t using the item anymore, and you’re spending too much on its upkeep. It all comes down to what you need and what works with your lifestyle.

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