5 Safety Tips and Practices During Home Remodeling


Home Remodeling

Home remodeling involves a lot of work and preparation. From the financial to the physical preparedness of the home, the storage of the tools, utmost attention must be given to these different aspects.

It is not enough that we do these things all by ourselves. If it is still within your budget, you may consider consulting a home remodeling professional or consultant just so you can discuss the important aspects of remodeling with him or her.

Another thing that we, as homeowners, must remember is that these safety tips and practices are not only important on the onset of the work. We must be consistently observing them keep our homes safe even during the remodeling process.

Special care should be taken when there are pets at home such as cats and dogs and where there are small children. Here are five safety tips and practices to remember and observe during home remodeling.

Safety tips before remodeling

Safety tips before remodeling

  • Identify which part of the house will be remodeled first

Before remodeling, it is important to identify which part of the house will be remodeled first. Among the considerations are convenience and sufficiency of the materials. For example, if the rooms are going to be remodeled first, are there other rooms for the family members to sleep in? Is there enough room in the living room for recreation? These are some of the simple but important questions that we should keep in mind before remodeling.

  • Get the materials ready and ask for the date of deliveries

Another thing is if the materials are ready. It is recommended to commence construction when the materials are ready so that the process will not be stalled waiting on other materials. If the materials are not yet complete, have someone from the family review the list of construction materials and call up the suppliers. Let them know that construction is about to begin and ask for an exact date of delivery. If they cannot deliver the materials yet, ask the exact date. It’s good to know when these materials will be delivered or when they will become available so that the contractors can also estimate how much work they need to do or how much progress they can make.

  • Cover the furniture

Also, before remodeling, and before the first construction day, be sure that you have covered the furniture and have moved those that need to be moved to give way for the construction. It is also helpful to keep a list of the materials and tools and have someone responsible for the safekeeping. This can be the job of the foreman or a family member. Sometimes, it is good to keep the family members involved so that when contractors have a question of where the tools are, they can just find it and give it to them without any delay. Also, it’s good to know that your materials are really being used properly. It helps that the materials are being accounted for by a family member.

Safety Tips During Remodeling

Safety Tips During Remodeling
Now that remodeling has commenced, here are some tips and safety practices that you should keep in mind:

  • Organized Safekeeping

During remodeling, ask your contractors to put back the tools in their proper places. It is good to have a cabinet for all the tools to keep them organized. Have a family member check that these are followed every construction day. This is a good way to keep the tools away from the children or away from your dog accidentally grabbing it, thinking it’s a toy. Also, when the tools are organized, the workers can start working immediately without having to find where their tools are. If you don’t have a place in the home designated for tools, you can let your foreman create this from several pieces of wood. Just keep them out of damp areas, so that your tools do not depreciate quickly.

  • Use an air scrubber

Now that construction has started, particles will be flying everywhere.Air scrubbers or negative air machines will help purify the air without any ductwork. It gets rid of the mold and bacteria in the air. It is important to keep the air inside the home clean because the family stays and sleeps in the same building regardless if the place is isolated or not. An air scrubber gets rid of any left-over smells from construction and construction chemicals as well.

  • Isolate the area

When the area is being remodeled, it is ideal to isolate it. It is also a good practice to avoid mess and dust from scattering all over the house. Also, warn the children that they cannot play in that area because some debris might fall or they might get stuck in wet cement. Orient the family members which part of the house will be remodeled first.

  • Watch out for open wires

Even though the area is isolated, it is best to watch out for open wires when visiting it. Remind your workers to not leave open wires because these can be very dangerous to you and to your children.

Safety Tips After Remodeling

Safety Tips After Remodeling
Once the remodeling is completed, it’s time to start the cleaning and arranging. Be sure to move the tools carefully as some of it might fall and sever your toe. Ask help in moving the things around. Check if the paint is dried up. Use air movers for quick drying if needed. Also, ask for assistance in checking the wiring and the plumbing.

It always helps that a professional is around during the testing phase so that in case there are some issues, it can be fixed easily. It is best to ensure that these steps are followed for a safety remodeling so that you and your family can enjoy your new home without incurring any injuries!

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