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5 Reasons Why Rugs Are Essential In Home Decor

A rug is that one piece of décor that can transform the look and aesthetic of your room. Besides being pretty to look at, they serve many purposes. Rugs help you keep your home warm and toasty, reduce noise, and protect the floors and carpet. 

Many homes these days are opting for tiled flooring, which can feel cold and hard under your feet. A rug offers the much-required warmth and a soft layer to walk on comfortably. 

If you are still wondering whether you should invest in a rug to complete your home décor, here are more reasons to help you decide. 

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Rugs add character to your aesthetic

The best thing about rugs is their ability to be neutral, elegant, abstract, or luxurious. No matter what theme you have chosen for your home — vintage, minimalistic, modern, bohemian, classic, or contemporary, there is a rug that will match your style. 

A good rug is like a puzzle piece — it fits right in. With Rug Empire you can select rugs of different shapes, styles, colours, and designs. With a fun and bright coloured rug, you can create a happy space in your living room. Whereas neutral-toned or pastel colours in your rug can emit serenity and peace in a room. 

If you are living in a rented space and are stuck with dark carpets, a lightweight rug can add some vibrancy to your lounging area. You can also change your rugs according to the season. Use the thick and chunky knitted rugs for the winter season. Light and thin rugs are great options for summers. 

Keep your house and feet warm with a rug

If your house has hard tiled or stone flooring, the winters can be pretty harsh on your feet. Imagine stepping barefoot on a cold floor on a winter morning. Adding a thick rug can make things comfier — it almost feels like a hug for your feet!

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Not only do rugs help to keep your feet and the house warm, they also help with noise reduction. If you’d prefer to reduce the sound of footsteps around your living space, use a rug. 

If you love entertaining friends and family and host a lot of people in your home regularly, a handcrafted rug is a worthwhile investment — it can make your space more inviting. 

Keep your carpets and floors clean with a rug

A rug is an extremely practical piece of accessory for families with kids or pets. It can serve as a protective layer and keep your floors and carpets clean and free from stains, spills and scratches. Rugs are easy to clean in comparison to carpets. Renters can also install rugs in places like living rooms and lounge rooms. Kids’ rooms or play areas would also be safe and protected with a rug. You can also choose different rugs for indoor and outdoor. 

Now that you’ve seen the many reasons to invest in a rug, it’s time to gift your home this all-rounder décor item that has so many benefits. 

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