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5 Reasons Tuckpointing Your Home May Be Necessary

Tuckpointing, though not a widely recognized term in the realm of home repairs or renovation, is a vital process. It involves maintaining and potentially restoring the mortar joints between bricks using a two-toned mortar technique, which can prolong the lifespan of your brick structures and enhance the value of your property when done correctly!

Here are 5 circumstances that may warrant tuckpointing your home.

1. Deteriorating Mortar

If your home’s mortar is deteriorating, tuckpointing should be done promptly. The mortar joints are what keep bricks together, so when the mortar starts to crumble and fall out, the structure weakens. Tackling this issue early through tuckpointing can save you time and money in the long run!

2. Over a Decade Since Last Tuckpointing

Even if your mortar joints appear in good condition and the brickwork is strong, it’s still crucial to have your brick walls or structures, like chimneys, inspected and tuckpointed. Preventative maintenance is vital, and experts recommend tuckpointing the brickwork in your home every 10 to 15 years.

Tuckpointing Your Home 2

3. Cracking Bricks

If you notice bricks in your home cracking or spalling, it’s likely time to consider tuckpointing. When mortar joints between bricks start to crack or wear away, it might not be immediately apparent. However, when bricks begin to crack or flake, it’s a clear indication that the mortar joints are no longer providing adequate protection against moisture penetration in brick walls.

4. Basement Moisture Issues

Moisture-related signs of wear and tear are more easily detected in exterior brickwork or exposed interior brickwork on the ground floor. However, hidden deterioration could be happening, with water seeping in from the outside and trickling into your basement. If you notice this, it might be time to have your bricks tuckpointed.

5. Enhancing Home Value

Lastly, tuckpointing is an effective method to increase the value of your home if you plan to sell. Regular maintenance is essential, and recent tuckpointing can contribute to a higher appraisal when listing your property on the market.

Tuckpointing is a crucial aspect of home maintenance and restoration for any property with brick walls or structures. Assess your home and consider scheduling tuckpointing services today!

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