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5 Reasons To Use A Property Buyers Agent

Choosing a home can be an emotionally-draining experience. Without professional guidance, finding a home that fits your family’s needs and budget may be difficult. 

You need to know what you want in a home, what you need and what’s available on the market. Figuring that out and then doing the legwork can be a time-consuming task. Yet many buyers are skeptical about using an agent. This is because they believe the agents work only in the seller’s interest. But that is not completely true. 

There are two types of agents: the seller’s and the buyers. The big difference is the former works for the seller, and the latter works for you. 

Here are five reasons to use a property buyers agent:

They Have a Lot Of Experience

The leading Buyers Agents have been buying properties for a long time and are very good at it. They can help you through the buying process, so you don’t make the mistakes many first-time buyers do. They know what to look for and what questions to ask because they’ve seen it all before. 

They Can Help You Save Money

The cost of purchasing real estate in the current market is high enough – there is no reason to spend more than a home is worth. Buyer agents can identify which homes are reasonably priced or either overpriced or likely to sell for more than the listing price. They can also tell if you’ll have to spend extra money on repairs and renovations after purchasing. What’s more? You can get cash rebates. How? the buyer is not responsible for paying the agent’s commission; the commission is shared equally between the buyers agent and the seller’s agent after the sale. 

They Always Have Local Knowledge

Working with a buyers agent who knows the area you want to move to or stay in will make buying a home much more fun. They know everything there is to know about the areas they work in. Depending on what you want, they can help you find up-and-coming neighbourhoods, good places to invest, quiet parts of town, or busy parts of town. 

Make a list of what you want and need, and talk to your buyers agent about it. You can never have too much information. If you need help during or after the process of buying a home, a buyers agent can also put you in touch with local contractors and service providers. These agents have large networks of trusted people, from notaries and home inspectors to deck builders and landscapers, who are ready to help you through every step.

Property Buyers Agent

They Help You Save Time 

Time is such a valuable asset. This is why we advise hiring a buyers agent, especially if you are in a hurry to purchase a home. If you hire a buyers agent to perform the preliminary legwork for you, they will filter out the homes that aren’t a good fit and just show you the ones that do.

They Are Excellent Negotiators

Negotiating is a big part of buying anything! More often than not, it feels like playing poker with tens of thousands of dollars on the line. So it always pays if you have experience. Buyers agents know how to negotiate,from talking to selling agents and their vendors to knowing when to push hard and back off. You don’t want to go into a negotiation and feel like you missed a chance or paid too much for a property you’re unsure about. A buyers agent will prioritise your needs above everything else.

Bonus tip: start looking for an agent before you look for a home. A good agent will help you from the first day until you get the keys.

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