5 Reasons to Include Texas Olive Oil in Your Diet this Fall


Include Texas Olive Oil in Your Diet 2

The changing seasons can bring about many different considerations. Diets change to accommodate the heat or, in the fall, to add more comforting dishes that provide the backdrop for building on your immune system – getting it ready for the chill of winter. Texas olive oil is well known for its health benefits and is a vital ingredient to add to your fall diet – here’s why and how to use this incredible product from The Texas Olive Oil Company.

Include Texas Olive Oil in Your Diet 1

# 1. For a Healthy Heart

Heart health is important all year round – however, fall is a great time to start taking a little extra care. As many people’s holiday and cooler weather diets include extra pats of butter or more comforting and hearty meals with plenty of added fat, it can tax your heart health. 

Skip the butter and use extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) instead. This way, you can enjoy the delicious flavor without the added fat and cholesterol. EVOO can actually reduce your cholesterol and minimize the risk of other diseases such as obesity, diabetes, and metabolic syndrome. 

# 2. For Your Skin Health 

Colder seasons are not always fun and exciting – all the warm cups of cocoa and pumpkin spice lattes in the world aren’t able to soothe the effects of broken and chapped skin. As the weather cools and the air becomes drier, your skin might begin to crack. 

Texas olive oil is one of skin care’s best-kept secrets. Whether you consume or apply it topically, it can offer a world of relief for winter skin. You can begin preparing for the effects of winter’s cold, dry air in fall by adding a little extra EVOO to your diet. This will help build up vitamin E levels in your system for the ultimate skincare treat. You can also swap your light summery moisturizers out for pure EVOO for topical relief. 

# 3. Texas Olive Oil Has Anti-aging Properties

It is no secret that cooling temperatures can impact how you age. Dry skin can make you look older too! EVOO is one of the best ways to combat premature aging and give your body the boost it needs. Its anti-inflammatory properties are excellent for joint care and health, ensuring that your joints don’t feel old before their time. 

Another benefit to using EVOO as part of your daily fall diet is the anti-oxidants that help reduce oxidative damage to your skin and body as a result of exposure to the elements regularly. Wind and sunshine are all factors that can cause damaged and chapped skin. 

# 4. Natural Arthritis Care 

Fall is a time when the temperatures begin to drop. This can be delightful as the leaves become crunchy and perfect for stepping on; however, those with arthritis don’t share those sentiments. The cold can wreak havoc on sore and inflamed joints due to arthritis. 

EVOO is packed full of amino acids and other potent compounds. The mono-unsaturated (also known as healthy) fats found in Texas olive oil are utilized by the body to generate anti-inflammatory substances; these target areas of inflammation and help create a healing environment. These fats may prevent or lower the severity of ailments and diseases such as arthritis and asthma by reducing inflammation.

# 5. Local Produce IS the Best

While this might not be a health reason to add EVOO to your diet this fall, it is essential. Locally produced fruit and veg offer the advantage of being readily available throughout the year. They are also better for the environment and help to keep local economies running. It also makes it easier to touch base with locals and discuss which flavors or varieties would be best suited to your flavor profile. 

Another lesser-known benefit is that any fruit produced locally will be grown in soil that offers the best possible nutrients for the population that inhabits the surrounding lands, offering the right amount of vitamins and minerals that locals need. Try sourcing your EVOO from local producers such as The Texas Hill Country Olive Co. for fresh and flavorful EVOOs. 

Not Sure How To Add More Texas Olive Oil To Your life? 

Changing seasons is the perfect time to reflect on that change in your diet and life – it is where adding new flavors and trying new things becomes quite an adventure. You can add this delicious and healthy fat with ease. 

  • Ditch your store-bought skin care products, switching to EVOO as part of your skincare routine in the fall. This will ensure that your skin will be moisturized and glowing when winter rolls around. 
  • Skip the butter – if you are a lover of all things Texas toast and buttery spuds, you will know how hard it is to skip out on butter; simply switching it out to a high-quality EVOO is a great way to start. It offers the same full-fat creamy mouth feel while delivering on that sultry buttery flavor. 
  • Add a hearty drizzle – ditching heart-heavy cooking oils for Texas olive oil is one of the best ways to ensure your heart health is in good hands. 
  • Mediterranean Mondays – The Mediterranean countries of Greece, Italy, Portugal, and Spain, as well as a few middle eastern countries such as Isreal and Lebanon, are known for their glowing skin and healthy diets. This is thanks to their diet that is high in EVOO. Choosing a night during the week to explore the gastronomical sensations from these regions can be a fun and exciting way to incorporate more of this great fat into your diet. 

Include Texas Olive Oil in Your Diet 2

Whether you are an avid foodie or a health nut, there are plenty of ways you can add more liquid gold to your life. With a little bit of adventurous thinking and a few simple swaps here and there, you will be well on your way to a delicious and healthy fall this year!

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