5 Reasons to Choose Flat Fee Realtors When Selling Your Home

Flat fee realtors charge a fixed rate regardless of the final home selling price. They also ensure you get good returns on your investment and offer a predetermined rate instead of charging huge commissions. If you’re still undecided, here are 5 reasons to choose flat fee realtors when selling your home.

Working with a flat fee agent has many benefits. Apart from buying or marketing your home faster, you also have more control over your property’s price than you would through a traditional realtor. Below are other advantages of listing your house with a flat fee realtor.

Save You Money


Most home sellers hire flat fee real estate realtors because they are less expensive than full-rate realtors. Although you’ll pay a small fee, it could be only a fraction of the 6% commission you’ll pay traditional brokers. Going at the FSBO alone can also save you more in commissions.

However, this can only work if you have potential buyers interested in your property. Also, it’s not recommended to sell your property without accessing the MLS because that’s the way most buyers and realtors would find your property.

Flat fee realtors are a budget-friendly alternative and offer efficient process and listing. You also cut out the 6% real estate commission. On average, most flat fee realtors charge 1.5% of the final selling price.

Require Less Commitment

Another reason why most home sellers prefer working with flat-free realtors is the less commitment they demand. Once you pay them, you aren’t bound by certain contracts or terms.

However, when you’re working with a traditional broker, you agree to certain conditions and enter into an agreement until your house sells. The broker can also end your relationship at any time without notice. In this type of brokerage, you may waste your time and money due to unmet expectations.

Offer Customized Services

When you pay an agent their commission, you’re paying for comprehensive services that include:

  • Marketing your property to other agents
  • Scheduling and managing open houses
  • Scheduling a professional photographer
  • Listing your property on the MLS
  • Helping you negotiate offers
  • Printing marketing materials
  • Scheduling the closing
  • Tracking showings
  • Negotiating repairs

On the other hand, flat-fee brokers’ low fee doesn’t cover all of these services. This is because you’re paying them less to do less, which isn’t a bad thing. Again, homeowners looking for discounts and most FSBOs don’t require some of the services listed above.

Flat fee brokers allow you to choose the services you only need assistance with. This way, you received personalized services instead of paying for services you don’t need.

Provide Reliable Sales Process


When you work with traditional agents, you’ll be forced to work under their schedules. You’re also likely to share them with other home sellers no matter how much attention they promise you.

However; with a flat fee broker, you can dedicate the amount of time you want to the process and if done right, your property can sell quickly. The negotiation process also has fewer agents involved.

Give You More Control and a Flexible Schedule

Flat fee brokers give you more control over the selling process. From negotiating inspections and deals to scheduling showings and pricing your property, you determine your own rules when you sell your house with limited broker support or on your own.

You aren’t also tied to a broker’s schedule. Working with a flat fee broker means you’ll be handling part of the selling process yourself. You also work on your schedule and put the amount of effort and time you want into the process.


Flat fee realtors add a lot of value to the selling process. They advise you on how to stage your property and schedule the closing date. They also help you save time and money by helping you determine your home’s selling price.

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