5 Reasons to Add a Basketball Court to Your Backyard


Basketball Court to Your Backyard

Some home additions are a good investment such as a basketball court. There are many wonderful reasons to add a basketball court to your backyard. Aside from an increased home value, you get other wonderful benefits when you build one in your property.

A basketball court in the backyard may be quite a pricey addition, but when you sum it all up, the benefits it will give you and your family will outweigh the expenses. Here are some of the top reasons you should build a basketball court in your backyard.

Encourage a Healthy Lifestyle

A basketball court at home promotes a healthy lifestyle for the family. All it takes are a good pair of basketball shoes and a ball to burn a lot of calories.

A person who weighs around 150 pounds can lose 215 calories by just playing for 30 minutes. When you play longer, you burn more calories. Do not underestimate simple shootouts, too, because they also burn calories and tone the arm muscles.
Encourage a Healthy Lifestyle
If not for basketball, the family can use the space for jogging and other simple exercises.

Increase Home Value

The price of a basketball court depends on a lot of factors. The type of materials, features, and also whether it would be a half or a full-court, affect the price of the project. You are likely to spend around $11,000 for a basic basketball court according to Home Advisor.

Although it may be pricey to build a basketball court at home, you can benefit a lot from the investment when the time to sell comes. Many families love the sport and would probably consider a house with one.

Individuals who are serious about improving their skills in the sport would also consider buying a home that already has one installed.

Develop and Improve Skills

Playing basketball daily will improve a lot of skills including shooting, dribbling, and defense. Stamina and endurance are essential elements when playing the sport, and these, too, are improved with regular practice.

But other than these, playing basketball with family or friends will improve self-esteem and social and behavioral skills.

Encourage Quality Time with Family

Encourage Quality Time with Family
Playing together improves relationships among family members. And quality time with family is linked to a lot of benefits including improved mental health and self-esteem. Children who get enough quality time with their parents also have lower risks of behavioral problems and tend to perform better in school.

Additionally, quality time family discourages excessive use of gadgets and other unhealthy habits, which also have their own negative effects on all members of the family.

Space for Other Activities

Whether you like it or not, you have extra space for other activities when you have a court installed. Some outdoor celebrations like birthday parties can be accommodated at home, which means avoiding expenses on venue rentals.

Families can also become creative at times and use the space for some quality time like simple campouts.

Low Maintenance

Low Maintenance
Turning a vacant space in the yard into a basketball court is perhaps a good idea. It is undoubtedly easier to maintain than a lawn that needs mowing every now and then. Perhaps you would need some repairs sometimes, but that is definitely not as often as when you would maintain a yard of greens.


There are many good reasons to add a basketball court to your backyard, and all of these will benefit everyone in the family. With quick access to a basketball court, mental, physical, emotional health are improved and you have extra space for other activities which is easy to maintain.

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