5 Practical Eco-Friendly Tips for Leading Your Life Greener

“We’re going green!” is a catchphrase that has become common in our current environment and it’s well used. Many businesses and individuals alike have become more conscious of how their actions can affect our environment and many have taken or are taking steps to live a little bit greener.

Did you realize that it is relatively simple to live a basic green lifestyle? There are many basic things you can do in your everyday routines to minimize your impact on the environment. There are also several more detailed, more costly things you can get into that eventually will pay off and they will take one positive step towards bettering our world.

What is Going Green?

The basic concept of going green is developing practical life applications that have a positive impact on the environment – or at least do not have a negative impact like so many things do. The purpose of going green is to protect our environment and help to sustain the natural resources that the earth provides for both current and future generations.

There are various products that can make your home greener, there are general practices you can abide by, and there are sustainable alternatives for many things that you use daily that will help you in your endeavor to lead a greener life.

5 Tips to Live a Greener Life

Now the question stands, what can YOU do to live a greener life? We’re here to share with you 5 practical tips that are eco-friendly and can help you live a greener life. You will be pleasantly surprised to find that many of the things you can incorporate are inexpensive and may even save you money in the long run.



Recycling is one of the most basic options for leading a greener life. Your recycling benefits the environment by saving paper and allocating resources that have already been created to be regenerated into a fresh resource.

You can recycle many types of materials including, aluminum, glass, and paper. Each of these are products that are used quite regularly in our daily lives. That bottle of wine you emptied at dinner last night can go for recycling. Those cans from your diet soda at lunch can go to recycle. That paper from your junk mail can go into your recycle bin.

Another positive method to avoid overuse of paper is to utilize technological services. You can preserve paper by choosing electronic statements for bills and financial services. There are many ways you can cut back on the use of paper overall. The idea here is to not waste valuable resources.

Reduce Waste & Toxins

Reduce Waste & Toxins
As humans in a well-established country, we take for granted what we have at our fingertips and tend to waste far more than we should. We also tend to use and intake harmful toxins with no notice of how it can affect our health and our environment.

Some ways to reduce waste naturally are to be mindful of running water time. We all use water for gardening, showering, cleaning, drinking, etc. We should be mindful of using water for just as long as we need it and cutting back on water usage where we can. Maybe you can reduce your shower by 2 minutes, and that could make a significant impact.

Cut back on the use of bottled water, as the plastic bottles are wasteful (even if you recycle). Try installing a filter to deliver filtered water through your tap. Find a showerhead, toilet, and faucets that are eco-friendly and use lower amounts of water consumption. You might be pleasantly surprised by your next water bill.

Reduce Energy Usage in Your Home

Reduce Energy Usage in Your Home
It would be great if we could all go out and purchase all of the energy-efficient home goods, but the reality is that many of us simply cannot do that. However, purchase and update your home to these energy-efficient models as you can.

In the meantime, consider doing small things that can reduce your energy usage. Turn off lights when they are not being used. Let in natural daylight as much as possible and don’t leave lights on when you move from room to room.

Adjust your thermostats so that your heating or cooling unit does not kick on or run as much, especially when you are not at home. If you keep your home at a constant 72 degrees, consider changing that to 76 or 77 when you are not home.

Start using cold water on your laundry, as much as you are comfortable with it. Jeans and shirts often recommend washing on cold and this will allow energy reduction as the water will not have to be heated. Try using a clothesline or a drying rack after washing and save the dryer!

These actions are simple. They not only have a positive environmental impact, but you might also notice a positive difference in your utility and energy bills, hopefully by way of smaller numbers!

Switch to Reusable Bags

Stop taking home and stocking up hundreds of those plastic grocery sacks. We all have a stockpile in our homes, but that’s a habit we should get away from. Purchase cloth or canvas shopping bag alternatives and take them with you when you shop. Recycle those used grocery bags you have or put them to use.

Be Mindful

Be Mindful
Simply being mindful of your actions can make a significant difference. Take care of your individual health and you may notice those actions alone contribute to a greener lifestyle.

You will choose the foods you purchase more wisely, and you will be more conscious of your actions and the things you are doing and how they might affect the environment overall because you will be considering how one small action could positively affect YOU.


It is really quite simple to take small steps in our everyday lives to lead our lives greener. We simply must make the choice to take these actions and to treat the environment and the world around us with respect.

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