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5 Plumbing Upgrades That Will Improve Your Home’s Value

Remodeling or redoing some areas of a home is one of the best ways to increase its value. Surely, there are certain aspects of your home that can use some work, like its paint job, changing your floors, or touching up your exteriors. Another worthwhile upgrade is the plumbing of your home.

When you’re going to make plumbing upgrades in your home, it pays to choose those that can increase your home’s value. You may not think about reselling your home now, but at least when that decision comes, you’re bound to make the most out of your property financially.

To give you a few hints, read through below for a list of value-increasing plumbing upgrades

Add A Bathroom

Let’s discuss the elephant in the room as the starting point. If the budget and time permit for an extensive upgrade, it may be worth considering adding a bathroom. 

Ideally, the number of bathrooms in your home should be proportionate to the number of household members. In the past, sharing was totally fine. Nowadays, the schedule is getting too tight and busy that no one may have the time to wait for each other for their turn in the bathroom.

If you have the space for it in your home, you may extend a part of it so you can have an additional bathroom. Contact an expert builder for this along with plumbing specialists from This can increase your property’s value as it also increases the useful square footage of your home. Potential buyers nowadays prefer homes with a lot of bathrooms, so they won’t have to bother making that improvement on their own when they move in.

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Switch To Modern Pipes

In older homes, pipes may be old and corroded. It’s not just a matter of aesthetics but also your home’s functionality. Corroded pipes can lead to bigger problems in the future. 

Switching to modern pipes involves replacing the exposed pipes with newer, well-designed ones hidden behind the walls and floorboards. Aesthetically, this makes your home look more minimalist and neater. 

Moreover, older homes have outdated pipes, usually made of cast iron, clay, and lead. You can redo those to newer ones made of non-toxic and non-corrosive materials.

Install Luxury, Low-Flow Showerheads

Does your showerhead look dingy and dirty, no matter how you clean it? Perhaps lead and watermarks have also left white stains on your showers? These are signs to buy new showerheads, and not just any kind— pick low-flow, luxury showerheads. 

Albeit only a small part of a bathroom, the showerhead is one of those which captures the eyes of visitors immediately. It has a strong visual appeal, and luxury showerheads will elevate your space. 

The more impressed potential buyers are with your shower, the higher the chance they’ll buy your property. This high marketability equates to a higher property value, given how it’s now more attractive in the market.

Replace Your Toilets

This fourth one is a functional upgrade, especially for older homes as well. If you have older toilets, then it’s a must to replace them with newer ones. By ‘old,’ you should be looking at toilets that are at least ten years old. 

Apart from the toilet’s age, some signs tell you it’s time for an upgrade:

  • The toilet makes strange sounds;
  • The toilet has consistent water leaks;
  • The toilet’s flushing power is inconsistent.

Upgrade Your Water Heater

In modern homes nowadays, the water heater is considered a necessity more than a luxury. It’s for this reason alone that it’s necessary to check whether or not what you have is still functional and efficient. If not, your water heater may be consuming more electricity than is actually necessary, and that would only make your utility bill soar.

No homeowner wants to have to deal with that, and certainly not your potential homebuyers as well.

Upgrading your water heater isn’t a very expensive upgrade, considering the impact it has on your home’s efficiency. Hence, there’s no reason why this is one you shouldn’t include in your plumbing upgrade to-do list.

Final Thoughts

With all that said, do note that plumbing upgrades are those which are rather left to the professionals. You may be a master DIY for anything home-related, but you’ll want to get this done accurately and precisely. Expert plumbing companies are what you need to make this possible. Go through your home and check whether or not any of those items above can apply to your case. Then you can get started with planning your plumbing upgrade projects.

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