5 Plumbing Updates You Need to Make this 2020

Spring is the perfect time to cross out some much needed home improvements off your list. Whether it’s a lingering cleaning task or a major home reconstruction project, make sure you don’t forget to include plumbing in your priorities.

Even the littlest changes done in your bathroom or kitchen plumbing can greatly improve your home’s comfort and reduce risks later on. Here are some plumbing updates you’d want to include in your spring cleaning list:

Do Some Deep Cleaning, Really Deep Cleaning

We all know that bathrooms and kitchens require regular cleaning. But what most homeowners forget though is that your faucets (and shower heads) need some love too. In fact, these need more attention to keep things running smoothly.

Ever noticed how sometimes your showerheads or bidets don’t spray as strongly as they used to? It may be clogged. Showerheads and bidets can get blocked with mineral deposits over time and prevents it from spraying at its full capacity.
Do Some Deep Cleaning, Really Deep Cleaning

A quick fix is to soak your showerhead in a water and vinegar solution. Dilute water and vinegar in a plastic bag. Secure it around your showerhead with a rubber band. Leave it for 1 to 2 hours and rinse the vinegar off.

Reseal Your Shower and Tub

Over time, the silicone seal around your shower and tub will start to wear out or separate from the surfaces. This puts you at risk to developing molds in and around your plumbing fixtures.

Once you notice your seal peeling off, replace it right away. Caulking is available at most local hardware stores, which means you can replace it yourself. Choose caulking that’s designed for bath and kitchen mold and mildew prevention. Make sure that the existing seal is completely removed and scraped off. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions when applying.

Fix Your Faucets

Don’t let leaky taps go unnoticed regardless of how slow or little the drip may be as this may be a sign of an underlying problem that can go worse. Plumbers in Asheville attested that the majority of their clients have ignored a leaky faucet when it should have been attended right away. Even a slow leak can waste almost 3 liters of water per week if left unfixed.

If you notice any leaks in your faucet, make sure you include calling a professional to inspect your faucets in your spring cleaning to-do list.

Clear Your Clogs

Is your sink taking too long to drain? Or have you noticed water pooling around your feet when you shower? This is a sign that your drains are clogged and hair is usually the culprit. Regularly check if your sink has any hair wrapped around the strainer and remove it. If problems persist, best to call in a plumber.
Clear Your Clogs

Update Your Toilet

Updating your plumbing fixtures can help lower down your water consumption. For example, a low-flush toilet uses significantly less water compared to a full-flush toilet, which eventually saves you a lot of money. Low-flush toilets use around 4.8 liters of water as opposed to 6 or more liters of regular toilets.

As they say, prevention is always better than cure. These are just some of the plumbing updates you can do in your home this spring. For serious troubleshooting, always call the pros.

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