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5 Pest Control Best Practices to Implement in Your Home

5 Pest Control Best Practices to Implement in Your Home

How can you solve pest problems safely and effectively? Pest control requires a holistic approach to effectively avert infestation, eliminate the existing bug and rodents, and prevent re-infestation. Here, we present you five pest control practices that will help control infestations in your home or business.

1. Seal The Points of Entry

Your home probably has several points of entry through which pests can access your house. Sealing these points of entry should be your first line of defense against pests.

Make sure every seal and gasket is in top shape. Also, check the screens around doors and windows and fix any defects accordingly. Likewise, make sure there are no holes or crevices in your foundation through which pests can enter.

2. Uphold Cleanliness

Uphold Cleanliness

Even if you seal every entry point in your home, if pests sniff anything they can eat inside, they’ll always find a way to gain access.

In this case, a great way to keep them out is to maintain cleanliness and to make sure your house is free of food debris.

3. Make Your Yard Unfavorable To Pests

The environment surrounding your home normally serves as the breeding ground for pests. Therefore, you should takemeasures to keep the pests out of your hard, such as making it an unfavorable environment for them to live and breed in.

You can achieve that by getting rid of stagnant water as well as trimming the bushes, trees, and grass around your house.

4. Use Pesticides Safely and Correctly

Use Pesticides Safely
Once you’ve implemented the above preventive measures, consider using baits as the first line of chemical defense against pests. Baits are normallyeffective,and you don’t have to worry about harmful exposure to the pesticide. Nonetheless, you have to keep them out of pets and children’s reach.

If you’re using pesticides that are not contained in traps or baits, it’s advisable only to apply them to targeted areas. Avoid spraying them all over the place. Also, only use fogging equipment where necessary.

Before you use any pesticide, it’s important to read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions. You should do the same when it comes to disposing of unwanted pesticides and pesticide containers. It’s also worth noting that ready-to-use products are always recommended as opposed to products that need mixing before use.

5. Engage The Experts

Pest Control
Effective residential pest control in Los Angeles calls for professionals. Pest control experts are normally equipped with years of hands-on experience and the latest pest control equipment and technology. Moreover, they use eco-friendly pest control methods to protect your family and the environment from the harmful effects of chemicals.


A properly planned approach to pest control ensures that not only pests are safely eliminated from your property,but it also prevents re-infestation. You can achieve that by sealing the pests’ entry points, keeping your house clean, protecting your yard, using pesticides in the right way, and working with pest control professionals. If you do all these, you can rest assured that your family will be safe from the harmful effects of pests.

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