5 Perfect Decor Ideas for the Ideal Work-from-home Space: The Ultimate Home Office Furniture Online Guide


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Before the coronavirus pandemic, working from home was a thing, although it wasn’t quite as popular. However, with COVID-19 forcing everyone to sit at home throughout last year, working from the comfort of our houses became more of a norm, and it seems like that won’t change beyond the pandemic. 

For most people who made the sudden switch from office building to living spaces, there was no time to create a comfortable workstation around the home, so we practically settled for what we had. 

But with the world finally getting back to normal, it’s time to put together the perfect office space in your apartment for increased productivity and efficiency. 

Throughout this article, we’ll discuss the best home office furniture for the ideal small home office. We’ve kept you waiting long enough, so let’s dive into our home office furniture online guide. 

1. Add Some Green

Everyone who’s a fan of the outdoors knows the therapeutic effect of nature. When we’re anxious or overwhelmed, a quick stroll outside our lawn or garden can quickly calm us down.

And knowing how soothing nature is, doesn’t it make sense to also bring some green indoors, especially since work can get tedious sometimes?

Adding a flower vase or some other exotic plant to your home office space is the perfect way to bring your garden into your apartment, and you’ll probably no longer need those quick strolls outside. 

What’s more? Adding nature to your workplace doesn’t just bring in some serenity; it also adds some color. Everyone knows how beautiful flowers look in their different shades. There’s also no right or wrong way to add nature to your home office; a small bouquet of roses could make all the difference. 

And since plants are low maintenance, you don’t have to worry about stuff like changing the coat of paint or fixing a broken drawer like you would for wooden furniture.

2. Get a Writing Desk 

Nothing says home office space like a writing desk. Look up home office furniture online, and you’ll see tons of recommendations on writing desks you can bring into your home workspace for a more professional feel. 

Besides, actual offices have desks, so you’re obviously going to need one if you’ll be working from your living room, bedroom, or study. The problem for most people, though, is picking the ideal writing desk for their workstation.

If you asked us, we’d recommend you go for a lucite glass writing desk or acrylic desks. These pieces of furniture are stylish and bring an air of professionalism to your home office. 

And because we want you to build the ideal workplace, we’ll drop a recommendation for where you can get them, as well. You can purchase your lucite and acrylic writing desks here: https://clearhomedesign.com/office/clear-acrylic-desks.

3. Add a Bookshelf

Bookcases are another piece of furniture you’ll see all over home office furniture online blogs and websites, and that’s because they’re a great way to keep your workspace organized. 

Rather than pile all your books and files on your office desk, you could opt for a more orderly arrangement on a bookshelf. And the best thing about bookshelves? They come in different designs and sizes. 

For example, if you’re not looking to cramp your office space, you could opt for something smaller and more convenient, and if you have tons of books in your library, a larger bookshelf will do the trick. 

You can also opt for a vintage design or something more modern. Regardless of what you pick, you can scarcely go wrong by adding a bookshelf to your home office. 

4. Fill Up the Ground Space With a Rug

While some people would argue that a rug isn’t vital in a home workspace because it doesn’t contribute to productivity, it’s still the perfect decor to add some style to your home office. With their wide variety of designs, small area rugs add a visual appeal to any living space. 

Plus, they’re also quite cozy. I mean, why place your feet on a cold, tiled floor when you could settle down on a softer, more comfortable surface. And everyone knows comfort plays a vital role in office productivity, so your office rug still helps increase your work efficiency, just like a bookshelf and writing desk. 

That said, we’d recommend you get a rug with the right color(s) to match the decor of your office space. You don’t want your workstation looking odd because one element is out of place. 

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5. Lighting and Art 

Great lighting brightens up the workspace and makes it a little bit more alive. It’s also a necessity for late-night tasks. You don’t want to spend all night juggling between holding a torch and getting a project done. 

That said, you should choose the right kind of light for your home office. For instance, yellow light has been shown to reduce productivity by making people feel more tired. On the other hand, blue light is a better alternative. 

You can also add some brightness to your workstation through natural lighting. Setting your home office next to some windows is a great way to do this. 

And just like a flower vase, it’s also a great way to bring nature into your workspace. For example, you could set up your office next to a glass door that opens to your lawn or patio. Just imagine how refreshing and soothing it’d be to get work done next to an open window or glass door. 

As you focus on lighting, add some art, as well. Art, like an area rug, makes your workspace more stylish. And the variety available means there’s no limit to what you can do. For example, you can opt for a vintage painting hanging over your home office wall, or you could get a more modern piece. 

You could even decide to get something that matches your Lucite and acrylic office desks.


Working from home isn’t going away anytime soon, despite the pandemic almost behind us.  As such, for many people, it’s time to fully get used to a home office and start improving on your workspace furniture. 

This home office furniture guide has provided some ideas you can start with, and you can still take things even further by choosing the best clear acrylic desks. Remember, it’s your workspace, and there’s no limit to what you can do with office decor. 

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