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5 Notable Reasons Why Star Wars Remain a Popular Brand

5 Notable Reasons Why Star Wars Remain a Popular Brand

There are loads of star war fans out there and not just today but since the first Star Wars movie has been released in 1977. And here is why:

It Is Bringing People Together

Star Wars popularity is not only because it is a super cool sci-fi movie that captures kids’ imaginations about a Galaxy far away; it’s about sharing the experience with like-minded friends watching it together. The movie features classic storytelling that remains popular, even today and complex and interesting characters. The movie trilogy has infinite entertainment value which is universally appealing, and it brings families together. Many Star Wars fans started watching this sci-fi franchise when they were still kids and grew up with it.
It Is Bringing People Together

It Teaches Young Girls To Be Strong And Independent

Leia is another type of princess that is usually depicted to young girls in movies. She is a political and a military leader. She is seen as a role model who leads an army towards freedom. She is depicted as strong and independent. This teaches young girls that it is ok to be unique and yourself. You don’t have to fit the typical stereotype that shows girls as being girly and waiting for a prince to rescue them.

It Has Super Exciting Weapons And Other Features

When the movie was first released, it featured unusual weaponry, vehicles with otherworldly creatures and settings. Even today, people are still mesmerized with the lightsabers, spaceships, vehicles, and weapons that make unique noises. There are many gadgets, figurines and other star wars toys available for purchasing on the market nowadays.

It Is All About The Build-Up

Many people are drawn to Star Wars due to the build-up. Seeing the first trailer must have been mind-blowing. No Star Wars movie today can completely match the sensation of watching the original trilogy when you were still a child. In the follow-up movies, you still experience brief reunions with some of the favorite characters and getting hints of new characters to come, which creates that build-up of what’s to come in the next movie. It doesn’t matter what happens next, the belief of something great coming in the foreseeable future it what is building the excitement and the best part of being a Star Wars fan. No other series can deliver the same thrill than Star Wars.
It Is All About The Build-Up

It Teaches Valuable Lessons

Jedi teaches many valuable life lessons in Star Wars, and here are some of them:

  • We can waste time in limbo, or we can make a decision and stick with it (commit to the life that you have chosen and live it).
  • Surround yourself with individuals who believe in you and are supportive (don’t waste your energy and time on people who will only bring you down).
  • Never lie to yourself. You usually know already what the right thing is to do (Even if the road ahead seems hazardous, the solution is within).
  • Don’t let improbable odds keep you back (follow your heart).
  • Frequently, success comes from overcoming disappointments (success can’t be achieved without hard work)
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