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5 Money Saving Office Ideas

The modern office has reinvented itself so many times that contemporary office space has evolved into shared space providing businesses with versatility. Even in this evolved landscape, businesses are having to find ways to maximise every dollar they earn. Much of this has to do with the increasing overheads and other costs related to managing an office. With modern convenience comes modern ingenuity and innovation, which has created a platform for office solutions at a lowered cost. Whether we are talking about office products or the office itself, today’s tech-laden business landscape has levelled the playing field by offering both office space and alternatives to costly products. Business looking to save a few dollars have much inspiration from which to draw. Let’s take a closer look at some of the ways in which you can sell unused toner cartridges from your office, it’s one good way of disposing them.

Invest In Alternative Lighting Solutions

Invest In Alternative Lighting Solutions

Simple solutions such as adopting commercial LED lighting in offices can reduce the amount of energy that is used daily. In addition to LED lighting, office managers can install motion sensors that signal when employees are in a room preventing lost energy when lights are left on in offices. While it is expensive upfront, you can cut back on lighting costs significantly by installing solar panels to light your office building.

Invest In An Eco-Printer

Another way to save money is to invest in a good eco-printer. Technology giants like HP and Xerox have already produced a printer that saves businesses countless dollars on printing costs a year. Likewise, other manufacturers have produced technology that would allow businesses to save on printer ink simply by making it possible to use cartridges that only have to be replaced once a year. These printers are more expensive to purchase initially, but in the long run, they save businesses countless dollars.

Purchase Used Or Refurbished Technology

Offices looking to save a little money should consider purchasing used or refurbished technology instead of purchasing brand new items, especially if the equipment is not used often. Purchasing items used or refurbished gives you the chance to also test out equipment to see if it works for your business. If the technology works for your business, consider upgrading to the newer version when your current model starts to give you trouble.

Recycle Ink Cartridges

Recycle Ink Cartridges

Currently, millions of cartridges are dumped into landfills around the world, which contributes massively to the carbon footprint, as the ink and the plastic stick around long after we have printed the documents for our business. Participating in a recycling program that allows your business to donate empty cartridges is another way your businesses can save money simply. Business owners only need to look online to a number of sites that list retail establishments and online sites that collect ink cartridges that gives cash for ink for more information.

Rent Alternative Office Space

Finally, a business looking to drastically reduce their overheads should check shared and virtual office space. Coworking, a popular alternative to the modern office, allows businesses to rent all-inclusive workspace at a much lower price than renting conventional office space. Then, the virtual office works well for businesses looking to adopt a remote working platform by essentially providing your business with the technology for operating online. Both office platforms cost much less than even serviced offices, which are also inexpensive when compared to leasing traditional office space.

Keeping Your Budget In Mind

By adopting some or all of these suggestions, businesses can significantly reduce the amount of money spent on a monthly basis. These suggestions allow business owners to project a professional image to the clients they serve while simultaneously helping them save money.

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