5 Modern Roof Design Ideas

Contemporary architecture has been gaining a lot of traction around the globe, with homeowners looking for newer, more innovative and energy efficient designs. This has led to an uptick in modern roofing as well.

According to the Cheltenham’s leading roofing company, Roofs can be made of many materials beyond the traditional shingles that so many people associate with this area. They can also be made in different shapes and configurations as well. These five ideas will give you a sense of what’s available in roofing today:

{ 1 } Flat and Nearly Flat Roofs

Previously, flat roofs were only found on outbuildings or commercial structures. But many contemporary, residential homes are also using flat roofs. Some people actually swing their golf clubs on these flat roofs. Rather than being completely flat, however, the roofs often have a very low pitch, just enough to let water drain off without collecting.

{ 2 } Curved Roofs

Who says that a roof needs to be made of sharp angles? Metal roofing is enabling builders to create things that weren’t possible previously, including curved roofs that allow more useable living space beneath them.

{ 3 } Reflective Roofs

In addition to roofs made in new configurations, comes roofing materials that reflect a lot of the sun’s energy back off the structure as well. These reflective roofs are very popular in hot areas and are frequently built with a very low or flat slope to deflect the maximum amount.

{ 4 } Sculptural

With the roof playing such a big role in curb appeal, many contemporary homes are now creating roofs with a sculptural or artistic effect to them as well.

{ 5 } No Separation

Some contemporary structures are also creating roofs that are made of the same material as the siding, creating a seamless move from one plane to the next with no overhang or separation in the area.

The roof design is only one component to consider; be sure to read more about what makes a roof in this infographic by Severe Weather Roofing.

Guide to Energy-Efficient or Cool Roof Options

You have plenty of options when installing energy-efficient roofing systems to reduce the burden on your home’s cooling system. Cool roofs, which help save energy by reflecting heat and light instead of absorbing them, are generally lighter in color as compared to traditional black asphalt shingles.

Check out some of the most energy-efficient roofing options below to guide you and eventually feel free to ask for estimates from roofing companies nearby.

{ 1 } Metal Roofing

Metal roofing is one of the best choices because it can last up to 50 years with proper installation. They are lightweight, fireproof, and provide excellent weather and wind resistance.

Metal roofs are also incredibly energy-efficient and make a great roofing design because of a wide array of styles and colors.

{ 2 } Tile Roofing

Tile roofing has unique advantages because it’s perfect for insulation. Air easily circulates under the tiles, and energy is conserved during warm and cold weather.

Also, tiles are resistant to hail or stormy weather and fire. It has a very long lifespan, which is a very good investment due to its energy-efficiency perspective.

{ 3 } Asphalt Shingle Roofing

Asphalt shingle roofs are cost-effective roofing systems and the easiest to install. Also, they act as a sound penetration insulator, so less outside noise passes through to the interior. However, not all asphalt shingles are equal.

Energy-efficient asphalt shingles are made with special granules to help reduce heat absorption while ordinary asphalt shingles lack such granules. It makes a 100 degrees Fahrenheit difference on the roof surface.

When designing a cool roof, it’s important to consider proper air ventilation and insulation. Vents should be included in the design to let air come and exit from your attic, which makes the home energy-efficient. The insulation keeps heat inside the home during cold winter months to avoid rising up into your attic.


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