5 Key Features of a Successful Real Estate Website


Did you know that the typical home buyers are 44 years old and the millennials make up the largest group of first time home buyers at 66%? This is according to the NAR home buyer and seller generated trends report. The report also states that 44% of all people that purchased property looked for properties online first. Also, 99% of millennials searched for property online.

These statistics show to prove that the internet and technology as a whole have changed the way people source for the property. Property websites that use a VPS Windows for hosting are therefore very important in the search for the property but not all the websites are made the same.

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Real Estate Website

If you are among the statistics of those searching for property online, here are some key features of a website that will make your search for property quite easy.

Mobile Capability– In 2017, 58% of the millennials and 46% of Generation X found their homes on a mobile device. Almost everyone now owns a smartphone, and most of the internet users now access the internet via their mobile devices. The property website should, therefore, be optimized for mobile devices.

It should be highly responsive to users that are using mobile devices including smartphones and tablets. The website should load quickly, and it should be a real reflection of the main site. All the content including pictures and videos should be properly displayed on the mobile devices.

Search Ability– Most of the websites have so many listings of different properties and land for sale. It can, therefore, be stressful if the users have to go through all the listings. The website should have a search button that makes navigation easy. More so it should have other search categories and filter options so users can get to the properties that meet their needs.

Most common filter options can be location and budget. For instance, if you want commercial real estate listings in Cincinnati, Ohio, the website should make it easy for you to make that search and display only the commercial properties in that location.

Quality Information– The website should also provide the visitors with quality information on everything real estate. The website should educate the users on real estate, how to choose a property, how to maintain the property, how to get the best deals, real estate terminology, and so much more.

Real Estate Website

They should also provide links to local resources in the area that their users might need like mortgage companies and insurance.

Interaction – The Website should provide a way for a real estate company or agent to interact with its visitors. All inquiries and responses should be done ASAP. 24 hours should not elapse before a response has been given.

Functionality – The Website should also be highly functional. It should not have broken links or content that doesn’t load quickly. It should load quickly and should be updated at all times. Errors and other bad functionality issues will make potential clients move on to the next website.

Besides all these the website should also be attractive so that visitors will stay for longer. The design should be intuitive and easy to use. All these features will keep your visitors coming back.

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