5 Important Tips to Follow While Cleaning an Oven at Home

We all love eating that special cake baked with some great recipes or that yummy browned meat but when it comes to oven cleaning, not many of us love the experience. However, your oven requires frequent cleaning especially if yours is the kind that doesn’t self-clean.

Even if you have the best wall oven, failure to clean it properly can easily affect its efficiency and also make it unhygienic for you. As such, it is important to learn a few tips that will help you do the cleaning at home no matter what spillage you might be dealing with.

Whether you have to deal with spilled sauces or bubbling cheese, these tips will come in handy for you especially if you have the right tools for the work. We shall discuss these tips but before then, let’s do the first things first.

What you need for oven cleaning

Before starting your oven cleaning process at home, it is important to have some warm water and regular dishwasher soup as these will work well for removable components such as shelves. However, oven interiors might require something more powerful such as baking soda or foaming thick solutions especially those which are lemon-based or containing citrus oils.
These are ideal for breaking down the grease and giving your oven a clean shine. You will also need a spray bottle. You could also use other safe products such as baking soda, distilled vinegar, dishwashing soap and water mixture in a desirable ratio. You also need a washing cloth, a bristled brush and a dishwasher sponge.

Now, follow these tips for cleaning your oven at home.

1. Don’t wait

In case of any spillages, it is always important to clean the inside of your oven immediately instead of waiting for long. The best thing is to wait for the spillage to cool down a bit and the clean with some clean water, dishwasher soap,and a sponge.

This will help prevent the spills from sticking and becoming a dried stain. Dried stains are always hard to remove and could also affect the coating on the surface of your oven. Dirt will always come off easily when the walls are hot and do so with a simple mixture of water and lemon based solution.

2. Clean often

Regular cleaning of the oven is definitely important and should be considered. Just the way you normally clean your sink and other parts of the kitchen, your oven should be wiped regularly especially on the exterior. This helps in keeping it germs-free and clean.

In addition to the regular cleaning of the interior, your oven should also be cleaned at least once every month but as long as there is nothing that has spilled inside. This will help remove any oils that might have evaporated on the interior walls plus any substances likely to stick and become hard to eliminate with time.

3. Eliminating bad odors

Ovens can be a source of had odor,especially if not cleaned for a while or when used to cook things such as fish or other food items that have a strong smell. You can eliminate this nasty smell using a few drops of orange or vanilla essence mixed with water and then heat this up inside the oven for at least one hour. This will give the interior of your oven and also leave is with a fresh smell.

4. Don’t scratch tough stains with sharp objects

Some people make a mistake of scratching off dried and tough stains while others use abrasive scrubbing materials in a bid to clean their ovens. This not only leaves scratches on the surface of the over walls but also removes the coating that is so important.

In case of stubborn stains, warm a mixture of lemon juice and water in the oven for a few hours under low temperature. This will help the tough patches to loosen this making it easy for their removal without much effort.

5. Prevent against stains and spills

You can make your work easier by preventing against stains and spills while cooking your meals. To do this, line up your baking tray with a foil paper by placing it underneath the shelf and this is where the overflow or spills will fall.

Once you are through with your cooking, you can easily dispose of the foil and leave your oven surface unscathed. In case some spillages find their way on the surface, just sprinkle some baking soda on the area and wipe away easily using a wet towel once the oven is cooled down.

Final Words

It is good to know that even the self-clean ovens do require some cleaning to remove ashes that are deposited on the surface after the self-cleaning cycle. You will need a pair of rubber gloves designed for this kind of work whenever you want to clean the oven.

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