5 Eco-Friendly Tips for Your Household

We are in the middle of a world climate crisis. We are destroying our own planet and soon the damage we cause will be irreversible. CO2 emissions and single-use plastic are the biggest sources of pollution.

Fortunately, you can help the cause by making small changes in your lifestyle and save the environment by reducing waste in your household. Some changes are obvious such as changing from plastic to a bamboo toothbrush. The changes we would like to introduce you to are budget-friendly and will enable you to save on your bills over time. Here are the top five eco-friendly tips for your household.

Recycle as Much as You Can

Recycling is truly the basics of eco-friendly living, giving ordinary objects a second life and limiting the number of plastic, paper and glass items in use reducing waste. It is helpful to purchase and create space for recycling and compost bins. When you own such bins, you’ll be more conscious of recycling. A compost bin, on the other hand, will help you get rid of leftovers and turn them into free fertilizer that you can use for your plants. In many areas, recycling should also lower your waste collection bill, you can also profit from recycling metal and selling it at scrap metal pick up.

Plant Your Own Herbs

Eco-Friendly Tips for Your Household

At a grocery store, most herbs are wrapped in plastic packaging that you then put in a plastic bag and take home. You can, however, make use of the fertilizer you created with food scraps and plant your own herb garden. It doesn’t take much effort, is quite inexpensive, and will result in fresh, aromatic herbs that will complement almost any dish that you prepare in your kitchen.
Purchase a Water Filter

The amount of money and plastic wasted by buying water bottles is enormous. You have to remember about buying it every so often, you must carry the heavy load from the store to your house and the amount of plastic you are left with once you have drunk all your water is simply unbelievable. The solution to this problem is quite simple: purchase and install a water filter in your house, and make your tap water perfect for drinking.

Wash Your Clothes in Colder Water

Around 90% of the energy that a washing machine uses goes toward heating up the water. Washing your clothes in colder water is a simple trick that will help you reduce the energy this particular appliance uses per single run and lower your electricity bills as a result. It shouldn’t affect the quality of the washing and your clothes will be properly cleaned, yet you will contribute to a more eco-friendly world.

Eco-Friendly Tips for Your Household2

Invest in a Smart Thermostat

One device that will save you a lot of trouble when it comes to energy-efficiency is the smart thermostat. When you have both heating and air-conditioning, you must know how much energy there is required to heat or cool your house. There is no need to have a heater or an air-conditioner running 24/7. A smart thermostat will monitor the conditions inside your home and adjust the temperature when needed.

Final Words

Making your household a more eco-friendly place is something that you should most definitely consider. If not for your planet, then at least to lower your bills in the long term. Make small changes and see how big of a difference it makes.

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