5 Different Ways to Use Curtains in Your Home Besides on Your Windows



The main purpose of curtains is to cover windows to keep out excessive sunlight and heat and give homeowners more privacy from nosy neighbors, but interior designers (both professionals and D.I.Y.ers) have come up with many creative ways to use curtains that don’t involve any windows— or bathroom showers. Here are five different ways that you can incorporate more curtains in your home.

#1: Beds

Probably one of the most common ways curtains have been used other than on windows is on a canopy bed. These types of beds have four posts on each side of the bed with fabric draped on all four sides (and sometimes on top) and were originally designed to keep warmth in. You can also use curtains to make a D.I.Y. headboard.

Another idea is to create privacy for a cozy D.I.Y. bed nook. This is a great idea for the elderly because you can make the bed lower to the ground, which makes it easier for them to get out of bed. Just note that they may not need the curtains because it diminishes lighting even more, whereas lighting is key in this stage of life.

#2: Doors

Not all doorways have doors— nor do all doorways need a door— but if you want to create some privacy for a particular room that doesn’t have doors, you can hang curtains. This is a much less expensive option than installing an actual door. Hang a curtain over the entrance to your kitchen, over a closet, or wherever you feel one is needed.

Curtains can also be used as doors in smaller areas, such as under sinks and similar areas to conceal cleaning supplies and other storage. You can even use curtains to create a pantry area in your kitchen if you lack one or create a closet in a room that doesn’t have one.

#3: Patios

Curtain coverings for patios are becoming an increasingly popular use for curtains as well. This is perfect to have on those beautiful summer afternoons where the sun is shining directly on your patio— the curtains can help shield some of it. However, it’s important to note that traditional curtain fabrics may not hold up well against the elements (i.e., rain, wind, etc.), and shower curtains don’t make for good patio curtains. Instead, you’ll need to choose another type of waterproof material for your outdoor patio curtains, such as olefin/polypropylene.

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#4: Room Dividers

Although open-concept homes (homes where the main rooms such as the living room, kitchen, and dining room have no physical barrier, such as a wall) are desired by many people, others may miss the fact that there could be walls where there aren’t any. Fortunately, strategically hanging curtains can create the room division that you desire. However, to successfully pull off this look you’ll want to use the same color scheme to allow everything to flow visually.

This can also be a crafty bedroom hack for siblings reluctant about sharing a room. A curtain surrounding their beds or dividing the room and half can allow each child to feel as if they have more privacy.

#5: Walls

In addition to using a curtain as a wall, you can use them decoratively to cover a wall, as you would use wallpaper or paint. You can even create an accent wall by covering one entire wall in a room with a curtain. This works especially well when you’re using a different type of window covering, or none at all.

Curtains also make great backdrops for hanging pictures and artwork, making them pop more. Influencers can even use this method to create a backdrop for their videos. To hang a curtain on your wall like this, you don’t want to use push pins to hold them up. Instead, you’ll need a curtain track system that mounts on the wall or ceiling. You can also use this method for your curtains being used as room dividers or doors.

So as you can see, there are many different ways that you can use curtains that have nothing to do with the windows of your home. They can be used in several more decorative ways that will completely transform the look of your entire home with one or more of these simple hacks. Just keep in mind that you’ll have to use different curtain materials in different places, such as an outdoor patio.

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