5 Different Uses for Wood Pellets

Wooden pellets are tiny, usually 6mm in diameter, and not longer than 15mm. They are manufactured from wooden chips and processed sawdust that have gone through drying, heating and compressing stages. When they are heated and subjected to high pressure, the binding component in wood (lignin), softens and makes it possible for the wood to be pressed and shaped into a pellet. Wood pellets (also called træpiller in Danish) can be obtained from xn--dkbrnde-pxa.dk and are most commonly used in these three areas:

  • A heat source
  • For industrial boilers
  • Generating power
  • As heat sources

Wooden pellets can be utilized in pellet heating furnaces and stoves. They can be connected with boilers, pips, and heating radiators to generate your own heating system at your home. Wooden pellets are unsoiled with little ash residue. This product is incredibly convenient to transport, store, and utilize.

For industrial boiler fuel

For industrial boiler fuel

Wooden pellets are extensively used for industrial boilers as a substitute for natural gas and coal, making it eco-friendly. Traditional fuels are costly and cause pollution. Whereas wooden pellets do not contain a large amount of nitrogen or sulfur and is carbon neutral.

For generating thermal and gasification power

Wooden pellets are also used as fuel in thermal and gasification power production. It contains a high heat value and extremely low contaminant emission. Numerous countries have implemented policies to promote biomass power generation.

Alternate uses for wooden pellets for homes

Wooden pellets are incredibly versatile, not just as a heating source for your home when utilized in a biomass boiler but can be used in various other applications at the home.

Patio heaters, fire pits, and pizza ovens

One of the most predominant uses for pellets is using it in your fire pit or patio heater. They work equally well than the case is with a biomass boiler, emitting tons of heat and creating little ash to clean in the morning. If you have a pizza oven in your backyard, wooden pellets are an excellent alternative to cook with. They are a perfect energy source to use for cooking due to the manufacturing process and the raw materials that are utilized for making them. The manufacturing process entails bark removal, drying, chipping and mechanical compressing of sawdust under high pressure and temperature (via steam injection). Essentially utilizing wooden pellets is equal to using wood, minus the chopping part.
Patio heaters, fire pits, and pizza ovens

Potash for the garden

After using your wooden pellets, the ash can be repurposed from your biomass boiler and reused as potash for the garden. The residue from your wooden pellets is an excellent potassium and lime source in combination with other trace element to nourish your soil. But keep in mind that they are alkaline, and you must check the soil’s PH balance to obtain the right balance for the plants you want to grow.

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