5 Cool Bathtubs For The Best Relaxation



If you are planning a bathroom revamp and you want a bathtub that ticks all the boxes in terms of comfort, you’ve come to the right place, as we offer you an overview of top-rated styles.

Acrylic Boat Bath

Such an elegant looking tub is perfectly shaped for soaking. Made by BC Designs, the Boat Bath can have your colour choice on the outer surface, which means you can match the decor. A sturdy base and double acrylic inner and outer, this tub ticks all the comfort boxes and comes in 3 sizes: 1580mm, 1700mm and 1800mm, so you can have the tub designed for your body size. Browse the website of a local bath retailer before visiting their showroom, then you can go straight to the bath you want.

Acrylic Long Oval

The traditional oval shape that is slightly elongated is, for many, the perfect shape. Waters Baths is a great company that has produced some amazing tubs and this might just be their most popular model. For the best range of baths, visit your local showroom and spend a few hours looking at a wide range of styles from leading manufacturers. Your bathroom is a place for rest and relaxation and if you are a hot-soak addict, invest in the best and you won’t regret it.



Let’s face it, there’s nothing quite like relaxing in a hot tub with well-placed water jets massaging your body. Check out the stunning range of whirlpool/jacuzzi units at the bath showroom in Bracknell or in the city where you are living. Showrooms are where you can see the bathtub in a real-life setting. Choose from a range of brands and at reasonable prices, you have extra for fixtures and fittings. If you have the space and the budget, why not go for a top-of-the-range hot tub? If you are planning a new build, you can design the bathroom around the hot tub, which would make for the ultimate bathing environment.

Clearwater Teardrop

This is a classic series from a well-known brand. Slightly tapered at one end, the Teardrop is perfectly shaped to give you the ultimate soaking experience. Gloss white ClearStone is elegant and fits with every colour scheme, and this bathtub comes with a comprehensive warranty and fantastic reviews.

Shoe Bathtub

Shaped much like a high-heel shoe, the elevated back is at the perfect angle for a relaxing hot soak. Google is your best friend when it comes to sourcing bathtub suppliers and this won’t be the cheapest tub out there. If you have a free morning this coming weekend, take a drive to Esher bathroom showrooms or in one of your local showrooms and check out the unique designs. The staff in each showrooms is very switched on regarding the products and there’s a fitting service, if you require it. The shoe style is very popular due to the laying position with the head slightly raised, and acrylic is the best material.

The best thing to do is pay your local bath showroom a visit, where you can inspect a diverse collection of brand bathtubs, which are locally produced and very reasonably priced when you consider these are the best available.

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