5 Can’t-Miss Signs Your Backyard Needs a New Fence ASAP!

Are you concerned that the fence in your yard might be deteriorating? If so, click here for 5 can’t-miss signs that you need a new fence ASAP!

The fence for your home is more than just an aesthetic feature. It’s a useful security measure and an investment that can significantly increase the curb appeal and resale value of your home.

As such, your fence should be treated with an appropriate level of maintenance and care. A properly treated lumber fence can last up to 20 years, however, this is rarely the case as few households will have a high-quality fence to start with.

What you spend on a good fence is an important privacy cost so if you want to enjoy perfect privacy in your home, you’ll need to know when it’s time to get a new fence.

Look out for these telltale signs that it’s time for you to get yourself a brand new fence.

You’ll Need a New Fence If: Your Fence is Leaning

Your Fence is Leaning

One of the earliest telltale signs of a fence on its last legs is the trajectory. Go out into your yard and see what angle your fence is leaning at.

If the sway is significant, then that means that the general structure of your fence has lost strength, usually due to weather conditions.

If this is the case then you need to arrange for the Residential Fencing Company to replace your fence ASAP, as it is likely very close to collapsing completely.

There Are Visible Signs of Rot

Signs of Rot
Study up on the signs on onsetting rot and see if they apply to your fence. Rot is usually caused by moisture in the soil or the air, so the most visible signs will often be at the bottom of the fence, closest to the ground.

If the rot is minimal then you can fix it by replacing the effected slats. If it’s more extensive it’s time for a new wood fence installation.

Your Fence is Painful

If animals such as cats and birds no longer perch themselves on your fence, then it’s probably time for a new fence installation. Deterioration of your fence will mean that sharp edges and splinter will likely start protruding, making your fence painful to touch.
Test this out yourself by going up to your fence and (gently!) rubbing your hand across it. If the result is discomfort or pain upon touching it, a new fence is definitely necessary.

There Are Holes and Cracks

There Are Holes and Cracks
Small holes are usually a sure sign that your fence is on its way out. This usually means that worms and insects have made your fence their new home and are continuing to burrow deeper, weakening the structural integrity of your fence to the point where consulting some new fence services will be your only option.

Similarly, cracks on the surface of the fence, usually caused by wind and rain, are a strong sign you need a new one.

There Are Missing Pieces

Missing Pieces
Screws and fasteners inevitably come loose in fences over time. However, if a significant amount is missing or some have been missing for a long time, you won’t be able to repair your fence by attaching new ones.

Hammering in a new fastener will likely be too much for your fence to handle, which will certainly increase your new fence cost.

Learn More

If done right, buying a new fence can be a decades-long investment that will give you the peace of mind you need. To learn more about how to spot necessary home improvements early on, simply get in touch with us today with any burning questions you might have.

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