5 Benefits of Installing a Walk-In Shower

Bathroom renovations remain the number one home improvement project across the nation. A newly designed and eco-friendly bathroom can not only make your life easier and more stylish but can also save you money and help the environment.

The walk-in shower has become one of the most popular add-ons for bathroom projects. Many people are ditching their bathtubs and choosing to go with the more seamless look of a walk-in shower. The open concept design can add a real flair and functionality to your bathroom space.

Bathroom remodeling has come a long way from switching out your old wallpaper or replacing your old toilet. New and modern bathrooms can be a real show stopper when the right elements are added. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of installing a walk-in shower to your bathroom.

Easy To Clean

You will never have to get down on your hands and knees to scrub a ring of dirt out of your walk-in shower.

The sleek design allows water to effortlessly flow towards the drain without leaving any residue in your shower. With vertical walls and limited tight corner spaces, a walk-in shower can be easily rinsed and cleaned with very little time and effort.
Easy To Clean

Many walk-in showers are designed with a barrier wall made of glass or tiles that help you keep your area clean—no more mildew-slimed shower curtains.


For older adults or anyone with mobility issues, having a simple shower in a regular tub unit can mean risking a dangerous fall. Having to step over a tub barrier can be difficult and slippery.

Walk-in showers are easy to access and provide a safe space to shower with a lower risk of slip and fall accidents. It’s easy for everyone in your family to walk into the shower without any trouble.


Many walk-in shower units have a small ledge or barrier to help hold water in the unit. However, newer designs are featuring a zero-barrier entrance.

This means that you can walk straight into your shower from your bathroom area without any step or barrier. The floor remains seamless inside and outside the shower.

Your shower floor needs to be properly graded to ensure that the water is being drained away from the entrance to eliminate splashing your external floors. Once that is done, your walk-in shower will have a seamless look that works great for anyone with mobility issues or even uses a wheelchair.

Decor Options

It’s up to you what type of style and materials you want to use for your walk-in shower. There are many choices available.

For example, you could install a modern glass partition that gives your whole room an open and airy feeling. Or, you could go for a more rustic wood enclosure that gives off a rich and cozy vibe.
Decor Options
Your partition can also be made from frosted glass or glass bricks to give you a bit of privacy while enjoying your shower.

Added Value

One of the great benefits of installing a walk-in shower is the added value that you will get for your home. Your resale value can increase by up to 13% when you remodel your bathroom and include a walk-in shower feature.

If you have two bathrooms, it’s good to leave one of them with a traditional tub/shower combination to please buyers who prefer to take baths or have small children.

If you are thinking about sprucing up your bathroom, take some time to research how to add a walk-in shower. The benefits can’t be beaten, and you will be creating a modern and functional look for your home that will last for years.

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