5 Awesome Ideas to Help Revamp Your Home Office

Having a home office you love can help you feel more comfortable and productive while you’re working. If your room feels clean and beautiful you won’t be distracted by things you see out of the corner of your eye that need to be cleaned or tasks you need to get done. Cluttered rooms are not conducive to being great while working.

You can focus on all kinds of ways to make your home office more peaceful and easy to work in. Anything from redecorating your office, painting the room a more calming color, clearing clutter, or even buying new office furniture are all great ways to make sure your office is a place you want to get work done.

Working from home can present a lot of challenges when it comes to productivity so you need to make sure you’re making your home office a place you can get work done. If you haven’t revamped your home office yet there’s never been a better time to get things done. If you aren’t sure where to start, here are five awesome ideas to help revamp your home office.

1. Bold Can Be Beautiful

Bold Can Be Beautiful

You’re working from home and that means you get to choose how bold and bright your office is. You don’t have to adhere to corporate decoration limitations and you get to use as much creativity as you want. This is your own space. If you want to go bold, that can be a beautiful thing that makes your workspace uniquely yours.

Think about bright colors, dark colors (like jewel tones) or even patterned wallpaper. Whatever is going to make your room feel bolder and more purposeful is a great way to embrace the bold look and go for a room that makes you feel like you get to be fully yourself while you’re working from home. That’s a great way to make sure you’re being productive.

Bold looks don’t have to be overwhelming. Just be willing to choose colors that don’t fall into the beige or “expected” category. Go for unexpected and daring. Think about what you’re going to show off when people ask to see your home. If something about your home office feels like it should be a conversation starter, go bold and highlight it. It’s a great strategy to revamp everything.

2. Upgrade To Update

Your home office should feel like you’re an adult going to work. That’s hard to do if you’re still using furniture and other decorations from your college days. It’s time to upgrade to the real deal and get some decent furniture for your office. That could be anything from a really nice desk to a chair that doesn’t make you want to cry after sitting in it for 15 minutes.

Anything that ties you to your days spent in school is something you need to get rid of. Your office is where you’re going to be spending a lot of your time so you deserve to enjoy being there. Upgrade your office furniture and decorations to fit your adult life. Yes, budget furniture is great when you are just starting out but now it’s time to revamp.

If you want to save some money while still upgrading you can search out used office furniture that works well for your needs too. Someone may be selling a dream desk or a chair that’s super comfortable. Maybe there are paintings or other decorations you can find at a thrift store. Just spend a little time upgrading to make your home office more enjoyable.

3. Creative Storage Creates Decor

If you want some functional storage that doubles as office decor to revamp your home office just get a little creative. Think about getting some storage cubes to use on a bookshelf. Colorful cubes will create an exciting look in your room while hiding typical office clutter. If you don’t like fabric cubes you can use the same idea and find baskets to place on a bookshelf instead.

You can also use other creative storage solutions for typical office items. Placing a wire grid on your wall can become a place to hang office supplies to get them off of your desk. It will also double as a way to add some intrigue to your wall, especially if you have office supplies that are particularly pretty or cute. It’s an art piece you can take apart and use every day.
Creative Storage Creates Decor

4. Use Curtains To Conceal Clutter

You don’t have to stick to creative storage for everything in your office. If you have areas you really want to hide from the general view, you can also go with curtains instead of openly displaying all of your clutter. If your home office has closets without doors or floor to ceiling bookshelves you can hide clutter by hanging curtains and just pulling them closed.

Curtains give you a chance to soften up the design in your office and make it feel more inviting. You’ll be able to infuse more personality and color into your office with curtains as well. They’ll give you a quick way to hide everything away and still keep your papers, office supplies or even things like a printer easily accessible when you need them.

5. Unexpected Pops Of Color Create Intrigue

If you live in an apartment or are renting a home and you can’t paint the walls, that’s okay. You aren’t going to be prohibited from using color in your office. You’ll just have to incorporate unexpected pops of color in more interesting ways. Think about painting your desk an unexpected color instead of painting your walls.

If you like the color of your desk you can also consider other options like apartment-friendly removable wallpaper or wall tiles. You’ll be able to easily take these down when the time comes and your landlord won’t have anything to complain about because they’ll never even know it was there. Adding in color in unexpected ways can help make your office more exciting for you.

It will give you a chance to make your home office truly your own which is a great feeling. Just think about what you can paint or add to your home office without upsetting your landlord when you move out. Bookshelves, your desk, chairs, or adding large colorful canvas paintings are all great options for unexpected pops of color.


Flat lay home office desk. Woman hands holding clipboard. Top view.
Decorating your home office to give it some new life is a great way to feel more excited about getting started with your work every day. You can revamp things to give your room and your work some new life. It could be just the thing you’ve been looking for to make getting started every morning something you look forward to again.

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