5 Advantages of Microcement


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There is a considerable demand for building materials, mainly in construction. These include microcements which are known for their excellent characteristics. These characteristics include high strength, minimum shrinkage, good bonding capability, and lightweight. This has made them very effective in increasing the strength of concrete and making it more resistant to damage by harsh environmental factors such as wind and water. In this article, we will discuss the advantages of microcement.

Quick Installation

Quick installation is the most crucial advantage of microcement. It can be applied quickly by one person and is relatively easy to install. The installation time is less than that of conventional concrete and can be completed in half the time. Microcement can be installed on walls, floors, or ceilings. The concrete forms used for conventional concrete do not apply to microcement because they do not have enough strength or flexibility to support the weight of the wall or ceiling.

Smooth and Consistent Surface

Another advantage of microcement is that it creates a smooth, consistent surface across the entire area where it is applied. This makes it ideal for any complex surface work where many different types of surfaces and materials are involved. For example, if you need to cover a roof with roofing felt, you can use microcement to ensure that it conforms to the shape of the roof perfectly, without leaving any gaps or holes in between each piece of material.

Minimal Maintenance

Microcement is a non-curing product, meaning priming or painting is not needed. It can be used directly on the surface; once it dries, it will not flake off. This makes it ideal for projects where there are extended periods between coats. For example, you may have a wall that needs to be painted every three years, but there is no way you can wait that long for another coat of paint. Using microcement, you can save money by not having to paint your walls every few years and still get the same look as if they were painted regularly.

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Available in a Wide Range of Colours

Microcement is available in many colors, so you can choose one that perfectly matches your home’s décor or style. Different colors are available for different parts of the house, so you can find one that works well with your furniture or decorations. You can even mix colors to create something unique.

Tolerant of High Humidity

Microcement is an excellent material to be used in construction. It can be used in a variety of places, and it can withstand high humidity. The microcement is not only able to withstand high humidity but also can absorb moisture from the air. This feature makes it ideal for constructing buildings located in areas with a lot of rain and water. The microcement is also resistant to chemicals and other harsh conditions. It will not crack or break easily even when exposed to high temperatures or extreme pressure. This means you will not experience problems using micro cement for your projects.
This product can be easily recycled after you have finished using it on your project because it does not contain hazardous chemicals like other construction materials.
Microcement products are a new class of green building materials with high compressive strength, excellent waterproofing, and surface decorative effects. They are especially suitable for constructing roofs and walls, partitions, external and internal decoration, and many other applications. In their properties, they are superior to traditional concrete materials and masonry. They allow building eco-friendly buildings with low thermal conductivity, high sound insulation, and heat retention capacities.
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