4 Ways to Start a Real Estate Side Hustle

Everyone aspires to accumulate riches over time. But it might seem like a scary period for wealth building with the stock market in bear territory and alternative markets like cryptocurrencies also failing. Alternately, you may see it as a chance to invest in real estate, traditionally one of the finest bets you can make. Real estate investing may sometimes turn out to be such a smart choice that you could decide to leave your career and pursue it full-time.

Start by researching real estate investment trusts (REITs)

Real estate investment trusts are regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission since they are publicly traded through your ordinary brokerage account or retirement account (SEC). They are reliable assets that enable anyone to enter the real estate market with only a minimal investment.

Due to their high liquidity and ability to be bought and sold immediately like stocks, REITs are a fantastic method to get started investing in real estate says Eyal Pasternak, a real estate investor and founder of Liberty House Buying Group. The property is not purchased by you, instead, you’re investing your money in a fund that you may use it to buy and oversee real estate projects all over the world, putting your money to work on hundreds or even thousands of properties. Since it is uncommon to find such diversity in other investment vehicles, REITs are more secure than individual equities. Despite this, they also don’t grow as quickly as many stock indices.

Try crowdsourcing for real estate.

Andrew Gaugler (Best of Machinery) says, “Real estate crowdfunding is one of the trendiest phenomena in recent years. Without having the funds to purchase a whole home, people can invest directly in real estate developments using online platforms.”

Even though many real estate crowdfunding platforms exclusively take funds from authorised investors, they are gradually becoming more inclusive. You may make an investment of up to $500 on websites like Fundrise. To invest in apartment complexes, office buildings, and other projects, you typically require at least $1,000.

These websites provide a variety of investing models. Some websites combine investor funds to directly purchase properties and provide dividends via rental earnings. Others, such as mREITs, make loans secured by real estate. In these situations, you may frequently contribute any amount to the fund and receive the same return as everyone else. There are occasions when you may choose which specific loans you want to sponsor, perhaps increasing your return (or loss).

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Take the conventional path

If you have some extra cash, there is nothing wrong with doing traditional real estate investment. How do we interpret that? We refer to purchasing a property and then renting it out as a landlord, using it as an Airbnb or short-term rental, or remodeling it and selling it.

Nowadays, “traditional” may signify a variety of things due to the spread of innovation in the real estate industry. Of course, you’ll need cash up front to purchase a property, but renting or flipping homes may be very profitable options. (Even though it also takes a lot of labor.)

Hire out a space

If you want to make a little money from your home but aren’t ready to become a landlord, think about renting out a room. This is a clever method to contribute to the mortgage payment while gaining experience as a landlord.

Renting out a piece of your home is a good way to dip your toe into the shallowest waters of real estate investing, whether you wish to ask a buddy to move in with you or have a basement room that is suitable for an individual. You could advertise a room on Airbnb and have short-term tenants who are at least somewhat screened by Airbnb, eliminating the need for a contract. This way, you won’t have to worry about being stuck with a weird roommate.

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