4 Ways To Showcase Your Artwork



At some point in your journey as an artist, you’ll hit a crossroad where you need to decide whether or not it’s time you showcase your masterpieces. When you’ve reached a certain consistency and prolificacy at what you do, it’s only understandable to have the desire to let the world know and be proud of what you’ve accomplished so far. Whether or not you plan to put your artwork up for sale, it’s critical that you’re able to present the fruits of your labor in an efficient, creative, and attention-grabbing way. It’s the only way to spread the word and make your talent shine, so you can be inspired to move forward and do better. 

If you think you have enough art pieces that are ready for display, it’s time to think of ways to give them the limelight they deserve. You might think the only way to do so is to hang your artwork on your wall at home, but that’s where you’re wrong. There are several ways to showcase your artwork, including the following: 

  • Hold an exhibit 

Holding an exhibit can sound a bit intimidating, especially for aspiring artists like you. But don’t let the intimidation get the best of you because you can come up with different ideas to make it happen. You don’t need a fancy or too big a space to showcase your artwork. If you’re from New York, for instance, a small but strategically-located gallery space in Brooklyn could serve the purpose. The key is to find a suitable location for an artwork exhibit, provided that it receives heavy foot traffic so people can easily see your display.

If you’re in a bit of a financial crunch and you don’t think renting a gallery space would suit your budget, you can connect with other local artists who might be interested in sharing the expenses. You can also look for art galleries in the area that could be willing to collaborate and put your creations on display. However, that’ll mean you need to split the profit from any piece you’re able to sell.

  • Organize a home show 

Suppose you don’t have the means yet to rent a space or work with galleries. Another option you can try is to organize a home show where you can invite friends and family to come over and see your artwork. You can aesthetically hang your masterpieces on the wall of your living room or hallway. If you have a library or a vacant room, you can design the space and convert it into a mini studio gallery to showcase your artwork.

You can prepare appetizers and refreshments to set the mood and prepare the guests for the main event. It’s almost like hosting a party at home, but this time, you’re doing it for a different agenda. Be sure to go around, chat with people, and give them enough details about the art pieces. You may also sell some of your artwork if someone offers to buy them.


  • Join an art fair 

One thing you need to remember when trying to flaunt your artwork is you need to go where art enthusiasts and buyers go. That said, joining an art fair is a fitting idea that could benefit your artistic flair. Art fairs present another excellent opportunity to showcase your creations and have them available for people to see and appreciate. 

You can search online for current art shows in your neighborhood. You could also ask friends, family, or online art communities for recommendations. Once you find one, make sure your booth will be as creative and attractive as possible. That way, you can attract more onlookers and potential buyers to check what you have to offer. 

  • Showcase your artwork online 

If you don’t like the idea of opening your home to family and friends, you can try showcasing your artwork online. One option is to create a website to create a digital art portfolio. Additionally, you can write blog posts and other types of content to draw art enthusiasts in.

Another way to increase your online presence is by taking advantage of social media. You can create a fan page or business page dedicated to your art alone. You could upload photos of your finished products or document your work through videos. Be sure to interact well with your fans and followers so they can get a more personalized feel about your art. You can also consider posting engaging content about art and other related topics.

Final words 

Your talent as an artist deserves to be admired, especially if you think you’ve gained enough experience and prowess. It might be time to showcase what you have so the world can be aware of it. You can hold an exhibit, organize a home show, display your artwork online, or join an art fair.

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