4 Ways Security Roller Shutters Boost The Value Of Your Home


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Sure, there are plenty of ways you can increase the overall value of your property. You can paint your exteriors and interiors, incorporate innovative technology, or simply prune your front yard. But one of the best ways to increase your home’s resale value is to add a security system. Not only are you assured of making a good return, but you can also ensure future occupants that your home is safe, which is one of the priorities of home buyers nowadays. 

High-resolution security cameras and state-of-the-art systems are good choices for increasing your home’s security and value. However, they can also be pretty expensive and need constant updating, which can be a hassle on your part. Fortunately, one cost-effective security system that can provide the same assurance of security to you and your home is security roller shutters. 

If you’re curious how security roller shutters can boost the overall value of your home, check out these four ways.

They afford security and privacy

A major benefit of roller shutters is they provide both security and privacy. In the United States, the average loss arising from burglary suffered by households is more than USD$2,000, making security an important aspect in homes. No homeowner wants to incur this loss. That’s why a home’s security is considered one of its buying points. Good thing roller shutters can be custom-built, which means they can be made to perfectly fit your windows or any other entry point, providing better security. (1) 

Also, with roller shutters, passersby won’t be able to see anything from the outside of your home, ensuring privacy. And if you’re worried about natural light not entering your home, you can look for providers that offer cafe shutters, which allow you to leave the top window open and the bottom part closed. With these types of shutters, you can have natural lighting while still enjoying your much-needed privacy. 

Moreover, any type of security roller shutters––from security doors to security windows––can be motorized, thus offering convenience. You can even program your shutters to close at a specific time to make sure you’re not leaving them open while you’re outside or asleep. Certainly, all these features and advantages offered by roller shutters can add value to your home.

They increase curb appeal by giving your home a modern look

Perhaps the reason people shun away from installing security rollers is they’re bulky, making homes look like a fortress, and could even obscure the view. However, security rollers nowadays are available in a wide array of colors and styles and are made from different materials. When you opt for the customizable ones, you can match the security rollers with the overall theme of your home. 

Rolling shutters

For your guide, here are the different types of modern roller shutters:

  • Window roller shutters: Considered as the most common type of roller shutters, their purpose is to cover your home’s windows. They’re excellent for security, insulation, and light control purposes. 
    • Door roller shutters: Aside from your windows, another point of entry you want to secure is your doors, and these types of shutters offer that kind of protection. Commercial buildings usually have these installed. But many residential property owners are already investing in this type of security, given that they can be customized not to look like industrial shutter doors.
  • Patio roller shutters: Back then, patio doors were often neglected when it comes to security, but they can also be considered points of entry. With this type of roller shutter installed, you’ll make it even more difficult for intruders to use any point of entry in your home, including your patio. 
  • Pool house shutters: This type of shutter is one of the best ways to secure your pool house, if you have any. This is especially important when the cold season approaches. (1)

Roller shutters can be made of wood, metal, or polyvinyl chloride materials, and there are even transparent rolling shutters. With this broad range of shutter options, you can match your security systems with your overall home design to boost your property’s value.  

They’re energy-efficient

Survey shows potential homeowners will pay an additional USD$8,000 if the home they’re planning to buy promises a reduction of USD$1,000 energy cost annually. With today’s environmental problems, more and more people are becoming eco-friendly. This means the majority of home buyers are now looking for ways to reduce energy waste and cost. (3)

Fortunately, security rollers are energy-efficient as they can keep your home cool during the summer months and warm during the cold seasons, regardless of the temperature outside. If it’s hot outside, you can simply roll down your shutters so you can retain the temperature inside your home. Since these shutters don’t have gaps, cold air from the inside won’t seep through, making sure your air conditioning unit won’t work twice as hard to keep you cool. Therefore, not only can roller shutters increase your home’s curb appeal, but they’re also good for your wallet. 

They provide a distinct character to your home

To captivate home buyers to consider your property, you want to add one or two distinctive features to make your house different from others. The purpose of having a distinctive feature is to supplement your house’s overall style, making it more appealing to any prospective buyer. 

Like any other high-end security feature, security rollers will enhance the overall look of your home. Since they can be versatile, you can rest knowing you have a low-cost solution when it comes to home security and giving your house a distinct appeal. Also, due to their various forms, they can easily be integrated into any part of your home. 

Final words

Modern security roller shutters aren’t only economical, but they can also contribute well to your home’s overall value and security. Security is one of the major aspects homeowners are looking for in a home. So if you’re planning to sell your house soon or you just want to invest in a low-cost security feature, you can never go wrong with investing in any type of security roller.


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