4 Pieces Of Kitchen Utensils Worth Investing In

Regardless of how fancy your cooking equipment and appliances are, chances are you won’t be able to prepare your favorite dishes without certain kitchen utensils. Each utensil serves a specific purpose, whether for cooking, baking, making salads, prepping meat, fish, and so much more. With that in mind, it only makes sense to invest in practical pieces that will make your time in the kitchen more convenient and enjoyable. This dedicated guide features 4 essential utensils any avid home cook needs.

High-Quality Tongs

Whether you’re cooking brunch or dinner, tongs are a must-have in any home chef’s arsenal. These highly versatile utensils come in handy for flipping pieces of meat, and poultry, stirring pasta and tossing salad. You also can use them to remove hot items from an oven tray, such as baked potatoes or roasted vegetables. In addition, professional chefs often use tongs to twirl pasta for elegant and refined plating. There’s no limit to what a pair of tongs can help you achieve in the kitchen!

Now, when it comes to shopping for tongs, make sure you get your hands on a pair that can effortlessly handle food of various sizes. Ideally, they’ll feature silicone tips to prevent scratching your pots and pans, as well as high heat resistance to avoid melting with frequent use. Look for a locking pair that will fit conveniently into your utensil crock or kitchen drawer.

Set of Knives

No home cook’s kitchen would be complete without a proper set of knives. They’re perhaps the most important utensils for all your prepping and cooking endeavors. As you know, knives come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and blades, each one serving a specific purpose. That’s why choosing the right cooking knives for your kitchen is essential. While a classic chef’s knife is a versatile choice, you’ll need a paring knife for more precise cutting, slicing, and dicing. Careful research will point you towards useful online resources that will help you make successful, long-lasting purchases.

A set of knives is by far the costliest item on this list. However, having proper knives is a great investment for improving your basic cooking skills and nailing all your favorite dishes. No matter your budget or skill level, there’s a set of knives that will be perfect for everyone.


Measuring Spoons and Cups

Especially if you’re a baking enthusiast, measuring tools are vital equipment for any successful recipe. After all, baking is all about precision and meticulous dosing. An incorrect measurement can ruin your preparation, particularly with raising agents like yeast or baking soda. So, while you might think that any tablespoon equals the same quantity of ingredients, don’t be surprised if your cake turns out all wrong!

With that in mind, investing in special measuring spoons and cups will make you an ace at baking, making sauces, and more. Rather than rely on estimates, you’ll be able to correctly dose all ingredients and keep your workspace tidy. You can choose regular plastic ones or splurge on the infinitely more durable and stylish stainless steel measuring spoons and cups.

Instant-Read Thermometer

Last but not least, whether you like yours rare or medium-well, meat lovers know the importance of having meat at just the right temperature. By relying on the recommended cooking time for any meat recipe, you’re essentially playing a game of chance, which might not yield the best results.

So, whether you’re cooking on the grill, in the oven, or over a sizzling plancha, the type and size of your cuts will dictate the ideal temperature for your meat. To avoid having to cut open your steak or chicken breast and losing those tasty juices, an instant-read thermometer is an ideal tool to help you monitor the progress of your meat. It’s a readily accessible and affordable instrument that can spell the difference between a juicy cut of meat and chewing on a rubber sole.

This list could have gone on to include a wide variety of useful kitchen items, including spatulas, strainers, microplanes and graters, peelers, etc. But ultimately, it all comes down to your kitchen needs, preferences, and skills. While you may have just invested in a brand-new kitchen remodel, this won’t serve you unless you bring in the utensils you’ll need to prepare your favorite recipes, from healthy summer salads to fish and chips.

So, it’s important that you select the right pieces for your kitchen. Visiting your local store or browsing the web can give you ideas on what acquisition you’ll do next, so get researching!

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