4 Hand Dryer Ideas For your Bathroom

How to find the best hand dryer for your washroom? There are hundreds of choices out there, varying from brand to shape, size, color, speed, and so on. Hand dryers are used on a daily basis whether it’s for commercial hand drying or at-home use and your decision is an important one for that reason. Shopping for hand dryers doesn’t need to be a chore and instead a dedicated shopping trip for a product that best meets your needs since it will be an investment for the long-term. 

Paper Towels vs Hand Dryers

Having paper towels in washrooms is a common mode of hand drying, but time and time again it is proving to not be the most optimal choice. Especially in a public setting, the paper towels are often found crumpled up or damp, balled up and on the floor. They create a mess very quickly which merits the need for consistent clean-up. Regular cloth towels also need to be frequently changed in order to maintain hygiene. For that reason, more and more people are opting for hand dryers as the better alternative. 

Choosing Commercial Hand Dryers

The type of hand dryer you choose for commercial properties depends typically on your washroom traffic and budget. Here are the best ones for facility washrooms and which one to opt for depending on the situation:

1. Warm-air hand dryers

Warm-air hand dryers dry hands by emitting warm air, as the name suggests. The alternative to these would be high-speed hand dryers which do not use a heating agent. Warm-air dryers are optimal for low traffic areas since they efficiently dry hands with comforting warm air and with minimal noise. They are not the best choice if you witness high levels of human traffic in the washrooms since these dryers take about 15-25 seconds on average to completely dry the hands which can result in lines forming by the hand dryer. 

2. High-speed hand dryers

For high traffic washrooms, this is a better choice to go for. These models run with colder air since they push the water off of the hands with high force instead of drying them with a heating agent. They typically produce more noise in the process in order to achieve such a force. Whether that will be developed in future models to generate the same result with less noise is unknown at the moment, but they are nonetheless an optimal choice. Plus, many models of high-speed hand dryers are also energy efficient (if the brand claims it is) and will reduce the number at the end of your energy bill every month.

Ideas For your Bathroom2

Best Hand Dryers for the Home

Considering how many thousands of germs can collect on a damp bathroom towel, don’t be surprised to know that many homeowners are opting to buy hand dryers in Australia

for at-home use. Here are a few ideas to give you a headstart before you go shopping: 

3. Conventional hand dryers

Conventional hand dryers are optimal for use at home since they excel in low-traffic environments. Even for a household larger than the average number of members, a conventional hand dryer will entirely suffice since there will not be multiple members striving to use the product at once. These models of hand dryers have low levels of noise, making them easier to integrate into residential bathrooms without worrying about extensive noise. Finally, conventional hand dryers are also commonly found at a beneficial price point (around $100) so you do not need to splurge on one if you want it for personal use instead of commercial. 

4. Energy-efficient hand dryers 

Hand dryers are a more costly hand drying solution than towels, for example, but that doesn’t mean energy-efficient options are not available. It’s important to pay attention to the product details to understand whether it is a high-speed or conventional hand dryer model. Most energy-efficient hand dryers these days fall into the former category, but it’s possible to find conventional ones as well. Perhaps you prefer one or the other and don’t want to be surprised when you take the box home with you. These are typically found at a higher price point, but keep in mind that paying a little extra once goes a long way as you will most likely use the hand dryer for years on end. 

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