4 Furnace Maintenance Tips For Homeowners


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Since winter is quickly approaching, you must ensure that your heating systems are in good working order. This is especially crucial if you reside in areas like Arvada, Colorado, where the weather can be extremely cold during the winter months. 

If you know what measures to take, maintaining a furnace can be simple. Otherwise, you may need to seek assistance, especially because you don’t want issues with your heating system to arise when the cold season starts.  

Fortunately, there are furnace maintenance tips you can follow to keep you and your family warm and cozy at home while it’s freezing outside. Keep reading to learn more.

  • Change The Filters Every Month

If the air filters are clean, the amount of energy the furnace uses to run would be lower. As a result, your monthly utility bills will be reduced. Clean filters can help keep warm air pass through the system smoothly, making the furnace work more efficiently.

It’s really not that hard to replace or clean filters. You can simply follow the instructions on the owner’s manual that came with your furnace. All you have to do is remove them, clean or replace them, and put them back in. 

Don’t forget that filters also help in removing dirt, dust, and mold from your indoor air. Old and damaged filters won’t do a good job of removing them. Therefore, you should always purchase high-quality filters if replacement becomes necessary. 

  • Schedule Yearly Inspections

DIY furnace repair and maintenance are essential, but your furnace would be better serviced if it gets yearly inspections from a professional. These inspections are important as it prevents major furnace problems from occurring. 

Arvada, CO furnace repair and inspections identify any issues that are often unseen by many homeowners. In addition, many HVAC companies offer special deals that will persuade homeowners to have their systems checked. These inspections will give you confidence that your HVAC system is in optimal condition. 

If there’s a problem, a technician will quickly identify its cause and fix it before it gets serious. A technician can also perform tune-ups such as adding lubrication or replacing air filters to make the furnace run more efficiently. 

  • Keep The Furnace And Vents Clean

Keeping the furnace clean at all times can be a great way to avoid problems with it later on. Make sure that it is free from dust or other debris, especially in its surroundings. 

It’s also a good idea to have your heating system cleaned by a professional. This is especially true if your house is already old or if you have plenty of pets at home. With professional duct cleaning, dust and dander from the vents will be completely removed. Plus, the ducts will be checked for any leaks or mold buildup. 

If you prefer, you can always clean the furnace on your own. The owner’s manual usually provides detailed information on how to properly clean a furnace. It’s recommended to remove the covers of the air vent and vacuum them thoroughly at least once a year. By doing so, dirt and dust will be eliminated, making way for better indoor air quality. 

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  • Clear The Area Around Your HVAC System’s Outside Unit

Most furnaces are accompanied by heat pumps because they’re part of an HVAC system. It’s important that you keep these units safe and away from anything to ensure optimal performance. Clear the unit’s outside area of grass, bushes, and other obstructions. You don’t want any object or structure near the unit as it can impede the airflow coming in or out of it and reduce the efficiency of your HVAC system. 

You should see the minimum clearance required for your heat pump on the owner’s manual. But it’s recommended that you keep your unit at least two feet away from any shrubs or any other obstructions surrounding it. 

  • Know Your Warranty

Knowing the warranty details of your furnace can come really handy whenever you need to have it repaired. If you think that your heating system is due for a repair or replacement, check if it’s covered by your warranty so you won’t have to pay for the costs. 

If your furnace is already several years old, it would be better to replace it with a new one. Nowadays, HVAC companies offer exclusive deals such as free maintenance visits for a year or rebates just like the one offered in the below video to help you save money. 

Final Thoughts

Furnace maintenance is essential. As a homeowner, it’s important that you know how to keep it running properly so you can always rely on your heating system to keep you warm whenever you need it most. 

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