4 Essential Interior Design Tips


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When you are thinking about revamping your home’s interior, which is something all of us think about from time to time, it can be a bit overwhelming. Do you choose fashion over function? Are you running out of space in certain rooms in your home? Would you love to try an open plan design? Do you regret painting the walls grey? All are valid concerns and the following are four essential interior design tips that will help to ensure you get the most out of your next renovation project. 

Make It Your Own

This is top of the list because you need to make your space work for your family and your lifestyles. Do you have young sons who will be returning from football training with mucky boots? Maybe put a door on your pantry area so they can walk in there and leave their outdoor gear on a rack. Perhaps you love sitting in your bedroom to read? Think about adding a big window in the bedroom with a chaise lounge or a comfortable armchair and small bookcase. 

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Do you think about your mom or grandma and the style of their homes when you were growing up? There are many styles that have come and gone over the years so take some time to find out what you love and then consider your options. Making it your own applies to both small and large renovations so whether you are starting small in choosing a paint color where you can pay out of pocked, or you find the need to take out an equity loan to cover the cost of putting on a new roof, be sure that the changes reflect you and your lifestyle. Home equity loans have made a comeback in recent years and with rising values continuing to climb, you can tap into this access to cash pretty easily.

Use a Mood Board

If you are going to try and use a thematic design, create a mood board as a way of figuring out textures, patterns, and colors. This means combining some of these into a physical board – usually a pin board – so that you can have real-world examples. While, for example, plaid is a great design choice for accents, using it as a comforter or a blanket can be a bit of a wild card since most Scottish patterns are made from woolen fabric which can be very itchy. This way of collecting your ideas is especially good if you are trying to draw from info and pictures from multiple sources because you can use the photos that you gather as a physical form of inspiration. Also, worst comes to worst and you have to hire a designer to do the work. Hand over the board and they’ve got all the information they need to design your dream space. 

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Try Before You Buy

There is a reason why tester paint pots exist, and sample wallpaper is a thing. It is possible to match a paint color without a sample, but it is riskier than just testing a sample in person. You need to figure out if your wall will take it, what it will look like in various lights when dry, and if it will match well with the other colors in the room. Whether it’s a paint color, a new carpet, or a new tablecloth, be sure to try before you buy. 


Do you own a tape measure? The ones that are rolled up that you see builders use? If not, buy one as you’re going to need one. It will be the most useful thing you use while you are redecorating and ever after. Even get two just in case you lose one.

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