4 Elements of a Comfortable Bedroom


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For many people, their bedroom is their favorite room in the house. It’s where they go to unwind after a long day of work and family responsibilities. In fact, the bedroom is where people spend a significant part of their lives. 

Studies estimate that we spend one-third of our lives sleeping, which means our bedrooms need to be as comfortable as our mattresses. Decor, lighting, flooring, and furniture are the key elements of a comfortable room. Focusing on these four elements will make any room cozy. 

1. Decor

A bed and its accompanying furniture may be the first consideration when making a bedroom comfortable. But what you’re seeing is just as important. That’s where decor comes in. 

Bedroom decor can range from family photographs to a collection of your favorite artist’s paintings. You may even have a wall-mounted TV, though some people leave electronic devices out of the bedroom.  But what’s hanging on the walls surrounding you isn’t the only decor aspect that matters. 

The wall color is equally important when it comes to creating a comfortable space.  Whether paneling or painting, many people opt for neutral tones that easily match their furniture, such as ivory and beige. 

2. Lighting

The wrong lighting can turn an inviting bedroom into an overlit nightmare. Too many bright lights are more likely to keep you wide awake instead of relaxing into a deep slumber.  Harsh lighting can affect your mood and make it difficult to relax. 

The kitchen and living room should have the most lighting. Instead of ceiling lights, consider a few table lamps to light the bedroom instead. If you must have overhead lights, a dimmer is an easy way to adjust the lighting to your comfort level. 

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3. Flooring

No one wants to step out of their warm, comfy bed onto a cold, hard floor. Carpeting is the obvious choice to avoid cold floors. Wood flooring that retains heat, such as parquet, is another option.  As a bonus, the brown wood floors look great with all types of furniture. 

Area rugs can be used on floors that don’t have carpet to add physical and aesthetic warmth to the room. Rugs make it easy to revamp a room just by changing to a rug with a different design and color. 

4. Furniture

A bedroom can’t be comfortable if the most important aspect is uncomfortable. Good bedding is the key to a full night of rest. 8 out of 10 people suffer from some form of back pain. Without the proper mattress support, you are more likely to be one of them. 

Dressers, vanities, and other bedroom furniture should accentuate a room, not clutter it. Many people opt for bedroom sets that have the same design or color. Every throw pillow or blanket can help bring out a bedroom’s warmth and intimacy. Whether creating your bedroom space for the first time or redecorating, it’s important to focus on comfort over simple functionality. Your bedroom should be the most comfortable room in the house. 

After all, you’ll spend one-third of your life in your bedroom. Shouldn’t it be as comfortable as possible?

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