4 Creative Ways to Add a Touch of Brazil to Your Interior Design

We love seeing Brazillian concepts and ideas pop up in homes across North America and feel like more people should bring a bit of Brazil into their home, so in honor of Brazilian Independence Day (Sete de Septembro) we sought the help of Valeria Hurtado from REVEIWBOX to walk us through how to easily add some Brazilian style into our homes.


Bring the Outdoors In

“When we think of Brazil we think of the lush, tropical Amazon rainforest and when embracing Brazilian concepts in the home we should really consider adding some plant life to our décor” says Hurtado. Designer Alessandro Satore decided to cut out a huge 10ft hole in the ceiling of one of their Rio-based clients so they didn’t have to remove a mango tree from the grounds. Now we’re not saying you have to do that but it gives you an idea of how much you can stretch the possibilities. But for now, start small, head down to home depo and get some large, lush, and vibrant green plants.

It’s not just regular green plants too. Try using bamboo on a feature wall, or even in bathrooms as it’s a thermal insulator that doesn’t conduct heat and doesn’t absorb water. Bamboo is both strong and sustainable and is available in abundance in tropical areas.

Be Contemporary

Brazilian desgins can actually be quite contemporary and minimalistic, especially if you have the space in you home. Focus on using geometric shapes to separate your living areas, especially if your home is open concept. If you live somewhere with a view, show it off; use floor to ceiling windows to create more space inside your home and feel like you’re at one with nature.

Be Minimalistic in Materials

Brazilians can make what can be considered not even the nicest of materials into something that looks modern, chic and elegant. Earlier in the year we posted about using polished concrete in the home to create something fabulous. Designed by Felipe Hass and Renata Pedrosa they turned a derelict space into a modern and spacious loft apartment.

Bright color pop

Bright color pop

Color is something that is synonymous with Brazil, and you need to have something that pops around the home just to brighten the place up. Especially If your background uses neutral palettes. Designer Marcelo Rosembaum creates amazing pieces that can easily be integrated to your home. His style puts focus on the different cultural identities of brazil and he creates pieces that are very artsy.

“If you don’t want to go too over the top, some simple artwork or prints can go a long way.” Says Hurtado. “Tropical prints or fruits can look great, you can even have a small feature wall with a loud print”. For a cheap fix, why not renovate an old trunk? paint it brightly and use it as a centerpiece in your living area. It can also double up as storage too.

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