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4 Clever and Unique Ways to Keep Your Cash Safe at Home

4 Clever and Unique Ways to Keep Your Cash Safe at Home

You’ll probably hear some people advice you against storing away stash of cash at home. This is a sound advice especially when you look at recent statistics on burglary. According to the Bureau of Justice, more than 10,000 break-ins occur every day. Indeed, it’s wise to just save your money in the bank or some other financial institution.

But while it’s generally not recommended to save huge sums of money at home, you should also be ready for a rainy day. What if there is an emergency and you need funds right away? Do you have any reserve cash at home?

Although you don’t want these surprise expenses, they are not uncommon. In fact, financial advisors suggest maintaining an emergency fund that is sufficient to sustain your cost of living for at least three to six months. Sadly, only five out of ten Americans have liquid assets that are readily available to cover emergency expenses. Moreover, only very few people actually hold it in the form of cash.

In the event of a major catastrophe, national emergency, civil disturbance or any disaster that can disrupt financial institutions, banks may be temporarily down and inoperable. This means, you might be unable to use your credit or debit card, and even withdraw money. It is during these times when you’ll realize that having some readily available cash is a must – just make sure you find a suitable, secured hiding spot.

Below we list some suitable and clever spots for safekeeping your emergency fund at home.

Home safe

Perhaps the best way to secure your cash is by storing it in a heavy-duty safe. Although it obviously proclaims the presence of money, the best small safes home can ensure that your cash won’t be ransacked in case of burglary.
Home safe comes in various sizes, materials, locking mechanism, and price. As much as possible, choose one that can be fastened firmly into your building. If it is designed to be detached, the safe should also be heavy enough to deter potential burglars from lifting it. Some safes are linked to the home alarm system; they automatically you in case of any attempts.

Aside from burglars, home fires and flooding also pose danger to your cash. So it is best to invest in the best fireproof safe cash. These are made of fire-resistant materials that will ensure your money is in good condition even with fire. Although home safe may be advertised as water- or flood-proof, just to be sure, you better place the safe in an area that is not at risk to flooding.
Home safe

Fake fixture

An ingenious way to store your cash and valuables at home is by constructing false infrastructure. Burglars won’t suspect a cable box in your bedroom or the electrical main switch box to contain your fortune. It’s an old technique for wealthy families to construct fake household furniture and accessories for this sole purpose – and it remains very effective.

You have to be a bit handy to design and create these stuff. However, there are some online vendors that actually specialize in “diversion safe.” These ready-made home fixtures appear very inconspicuously. They camouflage along with other home accessories that thieves won’t suspect any cash kept in them.

Take note, however, that it is not only burglars that concern you. If some guests, home cleaners, or contractors get access into your fake fixture, you might find it empty the next time you check on it. So, be sure to choose something that is completely secure. Better yet, secure your storage spot with some locking mechanism.

Less conspicuous spots

It is a good idea to keep your money in the most unlikely hiding spots. Quite predictably, when thieves attack, they go directly to areas where valuables are usually stored, such as cabinets, drawers, or dressers. By dispersing your emergency fund in several inconspicuous area burglars won’t be able to get a hand of it.

There’s an extensive options where you can store cash. You can hollow out a book and make it your secret storage. You can also secure it beneath a chair cushion, car tire, mirror, picture frame, and any other furniture with hollow spaces. Same as above, it is not only thieves that you should be thinking of. So be sure to choose a spot that is secured.

Storing your cash in different locations is a clever technique. Just make sure you have a good memory so you can remember where they are all hidden.

Plain view

Plain view
This might sound silly but leaving some cash in plain view is actually a clever technique. Of course you shouldn’t put all your emergency funds out there. Just leave some “bait money” (around $100) in the open — and thieves would be more than happy to walk away with quick cash. This can effectively distract them, thereby keeping your savings cleverly stashed in your secret hiding spots.

Now that you’ve got some ideas how to keep your emergency funds safe and sound at home, it’s time to start saving up! Well, that’s a completely different challenge that deserves another post.

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