4 Alternative and Unusual Wedding Venues


Unusual Wedding Venues

Every wedding is different and special in its own way, however, in general the ceremony takes place either in a church or at the registry office. The venue you choose needs to be a place that you love and where you are willing to receive your guests, therefore it’s essential to pick a place that represent you. Here are 4 alternative and completely unique places where you could say “I do” to your future wife or husband.

A museum

If you’re into history and old buildings, getting married in a museum could be a dream come true for you. They’re normally big and can welcome a large number of guests but they also offer amazing decor, entrance and obviously art, this location is ideal for unique pictures and some pretty interesting entertainment! It is possible to rent those places, but you need to be ready to wait on a long waiting list as they are quite popular.
A museum

A polytunnel

If you have never heard of a polytunnel before, they are pretty similar to greenhouses but tend to be larger and can be heated. Nowadays, we see more and more interest for rustic weddings and getting married in a polytunnel is becoming more and more popular.

Polytunnels are great because they are normally placed in gardens and therefore have a beautiful country and bucolic vibe. They’re also easy to find and even order from specialised companies such as Premier Polytunnels if you wish to build yours in your very own garden.

A cinema

Cinemas are a great way to celebrate your wedding, especially if you’re looking into restored or historic cinemas. The venues are normally bigger, obviously covered and they can usually cater for drinks, popcorn and also feature videos, music or movies of your choice! Old cinemas can be quite pricey to hire but they have this quirkiness that makes them so unique.

A boat

For people who love the seaside, getting married on a boat could be an amazing memory. Some people also choose to go on a cruise, that way you would be able to experience a full experience of wining and dining with all of loved ones but also having to combine wedding and honeymoon. What more could you want?
A boat

A haunted castle

Are you and your partner lovers of horror movies and ghost stories? A spooky haunted venue could be the perfect choice for both of you, especially if you are getting married around Halloween. There are several places across the world that were inspiration for movies such as The Stanley in Colorado, the hotel that inspired The Shining. These wedding venues will definitely leave your guests spooked!

Whatever venue you choose for your wedding, always make sure you pick one that represents what you love. It can be easy to get lost in trying to please everyone but at the end of the day, it’s your wedding and yours only. And you, which kind of venue would you love to spend your special day at?

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