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3 Ways You are Making a Difference by Going Solar

3 Ways You are Making a Difference by Going Solar

Making a difference in the world through the decrease of one’s carbon footprint is a popular trend that more and more citizens are taking part in. You may wonder how you too can take part in helping to remedy the environmental crisis.

Do you own a home? Have you considered ways in which you can improve your home while also helping the environment? Solar energy is the way to go. Why solar? While utility rates continue to rise, solar energy becomes more efficient, reliable and affordable every year.

Many homeowners are beginning to invest in solar panels for their homes so that they can help the environment, save money, and produce energy in a more efficient manner. Not to mention, there may also be a tax credit from the government with the installation of solar panels on your roof. Talk about saving money!

The more electricity your home uses, the more solar panels you will need – this directly affects the required size of the solar system. While this may be the case, you are still making a massive difference in the environment. This article will explain in more detail the impact that you will make by going solar.

Decrease carbon emissions.

Decrease carbon emissions

Every year in the United States, millions of metric tons of carbon dioxide are generated by the use and production of traditional electricity. When you install a solar system to help generate power, you eliminate carbon dioxide production. To help you understand the magnitude of this, an average household that uses a solar panel system to generate energy will eliminate harmful emissions from the earth’s atmosphere that is typically produced by a car that drives over 18,000 miles in a year. That is a HUGE impact! Helping the environment by decreasing harmful emissions and helping to generate your own power is a responsible thing to do and one that is going to help the earth year after year and for generations to come.

You no longer have to rely on the power grid.

Have you ever experienced the loss in power during a bad thunderstorm? Have you ever experienced the inability to produce your own power when the local grid is shut down for a period of time due to forest fires or increased temperatures. This is happening right now in California and it is causing a lot of anxiety and stress. One of the ways that you can make a difference in a situation like this is to no longer need to be reliant on the power grid. By utilising something like a hybrid generator from sites like Sunstore Solar you can store power for evenings, days of low sunlight or disasters to ensure all round electricity. When you utilize natural energy from the sun, you don’t have to worry about running out of power as the sun will always produce sunlight. If the sun stops producing sunlight, we will have more to worry about than the amount of power we can generate!

Helping to conserve water.

Helping to conserve water
Most people do not realize that the creation of energy in the form of electricity requires the use of coal, natural gas, and water. You may have heard of the use of coal and natural gas in the production of electricity, but water is not a resource that is typically talked about. You may be surprised to find out that in order to produce electricity, an abundance of water is needed for the cooling process. Not only does the creation of electricity need water for cooling, but it can also pollute water resources in the vicinity of the power plant. When you produce energy with the use of a solar panel system, you do not need to use water for cooling and you won’t have to worry about polluting water in your area. Helping to conserve water while eliminating waste from local water sources is a generous gift that you can indirectly provide to your neighbors.


There are many ways to make a difference in the world. Whether you donate food to your local food bank, provide money to the local animal shelter, or you are committed to decreasing your carbon footprint, helping others is one of the best ways that you can impact the world around you. One of the most popular ways of making a difference during the end of 2019 is to install a solar panel system on your rooftop. Doing so will allow you to generate your own energy which will decrease the need to rely on the local power grid. You will save money, give back to your community by decreasing your carbon footprint and you will be able to enjoy a new level of freedom as you will no longer need to rely on others to produce power for you.

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