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3 Ways To Make Your Italian Kitchen More Spacious

3 Ways To Make Your Italian Kitchen More Spacious

Does your kitchen feel crammed? Are you looking for ways to stretch the space visually? Whether you are a midnight snacker or a passionate cook, there are some things you can do to make your kitchen feel more spacious. Many people would love to have amazing homes with large rooms to occupy. Yet the reality is that most will have to settle with having small spaces. Small Italian kitchens are not ideal, but when you make use of what you have, you can create an efficient and beautiful home.

Don’t worry; you will not be required to tear down the walls around the kitchen. Every step is designed to make minimal adjustments in addition to radical changes for those willing to invest more time and money into big fixes. The perfect kitchen design is all about blending ergonomics and aesthetics perfectly by making use of good decorating ideas, to make the kitchen look bigger than it really is. The ideas discussed here are easy to incorporate and require little effort. So, instead of considering the option of tearing down the walls for a major renovation, why not give these tips a shot?

1. Use Enough Light:

Use Enough Light

Lighting is very important for a kitchen showroom, not just in photos. Poor lighting can make your kitchen feel dull and dingy. Light that hangs or drops from the ceiling helps to direct eyes upwards. To have more effect, select stainless steel pieces so they will reflect natural light during the day and shimmer during night hours. Additionally, take off the curtain from the window, add some lighting under cabinets, and paint oak cabinets with bright colors. Another option will be to include a mirror over the sink that has no window so it can bounce the light around the space. The more lighting your kitchen has, the more spacious the room will feel.

The kitchen is the heart of a home, and a mix of recessed and focused lighting is a necessity. Mix functionality and form by including many layers of lighting. Ensure your windows remain open to usher in natural light and some freshness. If you are concerned with privacy, you can make use of ultra-light hues.

2. Choose the Right Color Scheme:

Choose the Right Color Scheme
One option of visually expanding your kitchen in North London will be to play around with the colors. Gloomy, darker shades tend to weigh down and shrink a space. If you want to repaint your walls, go for pale or neutral colors that will give your kitchen an airy and light feel, full of free space. White colors tend to reflect light, which gives an illusion of a mirror, making the space expand further. Use the same color on your wall trims and the wall, because they outline the floor and the ends of the ceiling. If they are painted with a different color, they could feel boxed in by borders. Also, give large appliances and cabinet doors similar hues so they will blend in and disappear. This can reduce visual obstruction and make the space bigger. If you don’t want to repaint your kitchen, match color patterns throughout the space with decorative elements. Make similar color theme with your small appliances, utensils and furnishings. You visually expand your kitchen space when you reduce the number of colors in the small details.

3. Have More Storage Space:

Have More Storage Space
When remodeling a kitchen in North London, ensure you provide enough storage space. This will help you prevent cluttering the space on your counter, which is the most important in making the space appear bigger. Have a sliding pantry installed from kitchen designers as a substitute form of recessed storage. It will be best if the door can be disguised as a mirror. Installing a sliding pantry might not be a good option for people having a cramped Italian kitchen. Instead of that, decongest as much as you can before looking for extra storage space.

Whether you live in an old apartment in North London, a small house, or just an average apartment, you probably wish your kitchen had more space. If you live in a rented apartment, ensure you ask your landlord before embarking on any of these changes, such as changing cabinet doors or repainting the walls because if you get too creative, it might cost you in the end. If you have a small kitchen space, you will have to work with the available space and think outside the box. Prepare to release your inner interior designer and get your kitchen upgraded!

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