3 Ways to Find Handyman Services Online


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Finding a reliable handyman service contractor can be an overwhelming task. Not to mention it can be risky to try a new handyman, because you’re not sure how the repair or project will turn out.

The good news is that once you find a reliable, trustworthy and skillful handyman, you can sit back and relax and allow the handyman to perform their work. You will then have a help in hand whenever you need one. You can contact the handyman in case of any issue or emergency repair at home and he will handle the rest.

Life gets comfortable, of course.

So what is the best way to find a reliable, skilled and trustworthy handyman service online?

The following tips will help you find the right help you need in your our city, state or region.

Use Search Engine

Use Search Engine
This is obvious. Search for handyman service in your favorite search engine. I’d recommend using Google because it is the leading global search engine with massive reach.

Search for handyman service, handyman, local handyman, and other terms.

Google will show results based on your location as their algorithm works and uses something called proximity. For example, if you are physically located in Northern Virginia, you’ll see a list pf handymen in your area with business names, phone number, website, reviews, and other details.

The problem isn’t finding handyman service rather the issue is selecting the right service provider. You’ll see several handymen and it gets challenging as to which one to choose.
All of them have decent reviews and they all look pretty reliable.

What you should do is call a few and see how professionally they respond. Consider this phone call as ‘interview’. Read between the lines.

Was your phone call answered right away? Did he greet you? Did he try asking what problem you’re facing? Was handyman service interested in helping you?

This will give you an idea of what’s a professional handyman looks like.

Try Google Maps

google map
This one works great.

Searching for handyman services in Google Maps will show you those who are close to your location. Running a relevant search query like nearby handyman services will reveal even better results.

Since you’ll get information on local handymen, you can visit their offices to get a better idea of what handyman service to choose.

Besides, you can seek help from your neighbors and other friends living in your area.

Since they live in the same area, chances are some of them have already contacted or even hired a nearby handyman service! Ask them for feedback. Based on their experience, you can choose a reliable handyman.

Read Reviews

Yes, reviews help a lot, especially the ones that seem most genuine.

You can read reviews of different handyman services in Google Maps, Facebook, and other online sites. When you search for handyman service in Google search and maps, you see their average rating.

Plus, you can read reviews on Google Maps posted by local guides. They’re very helpful.

However, it isn’t recommended to read reviews from third-party sites as these are mostly paid reviews. They can misguide you.

Final Tip

Finding a decent handyman service isn’t too complicated as long as you know what you’re doing. Once you find a great handyman, stick with him. Treat them well and stay in touch so they happily check in next time when you contact them.

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