3 Things to Think about Before You Buy Your New Computer Desk

Whether you work from home or in a busy office, you need a sturdy computer desk that suits your storage needs. Computer desks come in many shapes and sizes. Regardless of where you do most of your work, home or office, the best computer desk will help you create an organized and productive work zone.

That place where you do the bulk of your work is a space dedicated to organization, creativity, and productivity – there’s a lot that’s required! So, it makes sense that your choice of computer desk should be up to the task of keeping you on top of your work in a comfortable environment with plenty of storage options.

With the range of computer desks out there, making the right choice might be overwhelming. There are several things to consider to ensure you choose wisely – you want to know that you’re getting the best desk for your money, as well as your comfort, and the various tasks you have to do throughout the workday. Here’s a list of three things you should think about before you buy your new computer desk.

1. Examine the space you have to work with

Examine the space you have to work with

One of the most important factors to keep in mind as you choose a new computer desk is to know precisely how much space you have. This is gonna determine the ideal types of desks for you and your space. Here are a few things to consider when trying to decide where to place your desk:

  • If you are thinking about placing your desk in a corner, consider an L-shaped workstation that offers either two separate work surfaces or a combination of work surfaces and hutch or shelf storage. Compact and extremely practical, the L-shaped desk offers an attractive and efficient design. There are also corner desks that are specially designed to optimize corner space.
  • If you’re lucky enough to have more space available, a large dedicated work area or a separate room, or if your work includes meetings and presentations, a U-shaped desk is an excellent choice that combines ample surface and vast storage solutions.
  • Whether your workspace is big or small, a standard rectangular desk design is very versatile and fits in just about any room.

2. Consider How You Will Use Your Computer Desk

Consider How You Will Use Your Computer Desk
Besides your space, you should know how you will use your new computer desk before you begin looking at the variety of desk options available. For instance, you should ask yourself these essential questions:

  • How many hours do you spend sitting at your desk on the computer?
  • Do you work with a lot of documents and paperwork?
  • Do you prefer meticulous organization or are you more comfortable surrounded by stacks of papers, books, mementoes, and other clutter – a free-spirited creative type?
  • Do you have a lot of electronic devices and accessories (i.e., CPU, printer, multiple monitors, etc.)?
  • Do you rely on books and other hard copy resources throughout the workday?
  • Do you frequently conduct meetings or presentations with colleagues or clients?
  • Do you prefer to alternate between sitting and standing during your day?

By answering these questions, you should be able to narrow down your search. After all, you want to spend your money on a desk that is worth it and suits your needs. We hope this will help you feel confident with your final choice.

3. Health, comfort, and ergonomics

The last thing you should seriously consider before buying your computer desk is your comfort. Being comfortable and pain-free while at your desk is integral to your contentment, morale, and productivity at work.

Healthy office ergonomics – proper equipment placement, correct monitor and chair height, and good posture at your computer desk – help you stay on top of your work and do your very best every day, as you avoid potential pain, strain, and even injury.
Health, comfort, and ergonomics
Here are a few ergonomic factors to consider:

  • Desk: ensure your new desk allows for adequate clearance for your knees, thighs, and feet. You want to be able to move freely. Take a seat in your chair and measure the distance from the tops of your legs to the floor – this is the minimum amount of space you will want under the desk. Don’t store items, like a computer tower, under your desk that might compromise legroom.
  • Monitor: your monitor should sit directly in front of you, at approximately an arm’s length, or about 20 inches, from your face and directly behind your keyboard. The top of the screen is best at, or just slightly below, your eye level. Do you wear bifocals? Lower the monitor an extra one to two inches to enjoy more comfort as you work. Be sure to measure from the floor to your hands comfortably at rest when you write or type – this should be the right height for your keyboard and mouse drawer. A monitor stand could help you set up your monitor in the perfect position.
  • Chair: while you’re shopping for your desk, this is a great time to look for a good ergonomic match in your computer chair. Choose a height-adjustable desk chair that will support the curves of your spine and your feet can rest flat on the floor. The armrests should also be adjustable to ensure a relaxed arm and shoulder position while typing. Smooth castors are also a good idea as rolling smoothly between tasks helps with the overall ergonomics of your computer desk and workstation.
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