3 Reasons Why You Should Choose a Silk Bedding

Have you recently tried different types of beddings but are still not satisfied with the fabric? Do you want to have a better sleep every night? If so, have you heard about the silk quilt? Maybe it’s time to change your uncomfortable and itchy beddings.

Silk sheets have always been considered classy and can make your bed look luxurious. Aside from making your bed look like you spent a lot of bucks on it, silk bed covers benefit your body’s health and well-being.

Hence, these are the reasons why you should choose silk as your beddings.

Safe for Your Skin

Safe for Your Skin

Silk is not just comfortable to lie down on, but it also protects your skin while you’re resting. It is a soft material and a great thermoregulator that keeps the temperature just right for any weather. If it is warm, it can make you feel cool and vice versa.

Moreover, silk does not absorb more moisture, unlike cotton. This means that if you have dry skin or live in a dry place, then your silk pillowcase can reduce your skin treatment expenses.

Dr. Dendy Engelmen, a famous dermatologist, said that limiting the absorption and friction allows your skincare routine to work better. So, you might want to help your skincare products a little by using silk bedding.

Fabric Materials That Are Bad for Your Skin

The common problem that you may encounter in buying bedding is the texture of its fabric. Some beddings can irritate your skin, especially when it gets old and worn down. Of course, no one enjoys constantly feeling itchy when it’s bedtime.

Some manufacturers use Rayon to produce bed linens and other textiles. Rayon is synthetic and made from a harmful chemical that can produce toxins that are bad for your skin.

Polyester is another type of fabric used for beddings that can also harm your skin. When your body temperature rises, it releases chemicals that your body might absorb. Moreover, polyesters cause your skin the inability to breathe properly. If you continue to use fabrics that contain Rayon and polyester, various skin problems might develop, such as eczema and dermatitis.
Fabric Materials That Are Bad for Your Skin

It Is Long Lasting

A regular quilt can only last up to two years due to parasites housing in the bedding and harming you, especially young and older people. However, if you choose to own silk beddings, you can use it for more than twenty years, especially if you take care of it. It is a natural fiber that has no harmful chemicals used during manufacturing.

Moreover, you don’t have to worry about replacing it from time to time because it naturally removes dirt and odors. Silk manufacturers do not recommend you to frequently launder silk linen- unless you have to because of spills and stains. But if not necessary, you can use it longer without any worries of bacteria or parasites living on it.

Why Does Silk Last Longer?

There are different kinds of silk fabric, but the most durable among them is the Mulberry silk. The material used for the production of this silk is cocoons of silkworms called Mulberry- hence the name. These worms are fed with mulberry leaves in a room with controlled temperature, far from loud noises and strong odors. This allows them to hatch perfectly until their cocoons are harvested as a source of silk.

Other types of silk also undergo a long process of production. Durable and excellent silk will start from the process of sericulture, which is the process where silkworms are gathered, and the cocoon is harvested, to have the best materials needed for your silk. Thread extraction happens right after when silkworms spin their cocoons. These cocoons are placed in boiling water to dissolve and soften the gum that holds the cocoon together.

When the silk thread is ready, it will be washed to remove excess gums. They dye it and spin it in a wheel to make sure that it lays flat and ready for the weaving process. After the silk gets woven, it undergoes the last step of the process, which is printing.

Silk Can Help Your Hair Look Better

Yes, you read that right! If you are suffering from damaged hair, then switching to silk bedding can help. Take it from the famous salon owner in New York City, John Corbett, who said that sleeping in a silk fabric can make your hair less damaged because it slides across it compared to sleeping on a cotton pillowcase.
Silk Can Help Your Hair Look Better
Corbett mentioned that his favorite beauty tips from women before are wrapping their hair using a silk scarf. This method can lessen the oils in the hair, preserve the hair from tangles, and keep it in style.


Stepping in the store and picking up bedding might be an easy task for you. However, choosing the right bedding is crucial. Next time you walk in a store, make sure that you purchase the best bedding fabric: silk. Not only does it make you feel luxurious, but it also gives you a lot of benefits. With money-saving perks, there’s no reason you shouldn’t shift to silk bedding.

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