3 Reasons to Install Made to Measure Windows


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Windows do more than improve the aesthetics of your home. It’s integral in letting in vital sunlight to your house and also lets you see whatever goes on the outside.

They are also the primary source of ventilation for a structure. With it playing such an important role in your house, it’s necessary that you have to consider replacing it once it doesn’t function properly. Instead of replacing them with ordinary windows, you could consider investing in much better personalized, made to measure windows.

Increases your property value

If you wonder why, well it’s because they help improve your property value. This is an important feature to remember if you have plans to sell your property in the near future.

This is because these windows are customized and not standard sized or shaped windows. Potential buyers are always interested in investing in properties that look distinct from other similar ones.

Better for older houses

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These windows are also better if you have to replace windows in older houses. These houses usually have circular windows or windows that are not standard sized, or any even some other unique window variants. All these windows make its replacement difficult.

Perfect for compact homes

Made to measure windows are also a better buy if you are building a tiny home. Tiny homes are rather popular today, especially amongst homeowners who want to downsize their living areas and costs.

They prefer living in small spaces because they are easier to maintain without too much time, energy or expenses. Everything in these homes is smaller in size, including the cut-outs for window openings.

Velfac composite windows are a popular choice

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Velfac composite aluminum/pine made to measure windows are popularly used in domestic, commercial, new and refurbished homes. They are not only ordered to measure but are stylish to look at, durable in structure and are also eco or low u value windows.

In short, Velfac eco windows are important for low energy building thanks to not only their low u-values. They are also famous for other features like

  • Minimal conductivity gas between glass panes
  • Minimal thermal energy loss thanks to low emissivity coatings which maximize light and solar gain
  • ‘Warmedge’ spacers lining the panes’ perimeter

Its slim frame also improves the performance of eco Velfac frames. Its u-value glass is lower than the frame while the maximized glazed area’s u-value reduces the window’s overall light and solar gain.

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