3 Interesting Ways to Upgrade Your Home for Elderly Members



Growing old is a part of life that no one can escape. Watching your elderly loved ones struggle because their homes are not equipped for their daily lives can get extremely frustrating. Not to mention, it can be extremely difficult trying to convince your elderly relatives to move into a home for the elderly, or to hire a caregiver to assist them around their homes, especially if they enjoy their independence and do not want to give it up. Luckily there are some modifications and upgrades that you can have around an elderly person’s home to ensure that they remain as healthy and safe as possible for a long time to come. These tips are going to keep you from worrying over how your loved one is doing when you are not around to help them out due to other obligations that you have.

1. Modify the Bathroom

It can be nerve-racking to worry about your elderly one all alone at home and not knowing if they are still in one piece when you are not around. The bathroom is one of the most dangerous places for elderly people. With the risk of tripping or slipping because of wet bathroom floors, or when using the shower, it is one of the first places that should be safe-proof for your loved one.

If the person you are trying to modify the home for is using a mobility aid such as a walker, you will need to widen the bathroom door to ensure that they can enter and exit easily. You should also consider putting a railing around the entire bathroom so that your loved one can use it for support when using the bathroom. Installing a bench to be used when showering will allow your elderly relative to shower without worrying about slipping or getting tired in there. This gives them a feeling of independence since they will not need your help to clean themselves up, which can affect their pride.

2. Install a Lift

Mobility is another aspect that elderly people usually have issues with. If your relative lives in a home that has any kind of stairs, it can be dangerous for him or her to use them. To ensure that they remain in the comfort of their home while remaining safe, and eliminating the risk of falling down the stairs and breaking bones in the process, you should consider installing a lift. This can seem a bit extreme, but if this upgrade is not provided for your elderly person, they may risk falling to get around their home.

Elderly people do not take well to being forced to stay in one place for a length of time, especially if they believe that they still have the physical strength and ability to move around freely. If you are worried about a budget, there are many lifts that are easy to install and maintain and are affordable. You just have to know where to look and what characteristics you want your lift to have. Not to mention you need to figure out how much space it will be taking up after it is installed.


3. Assistive Technology

Having assistive technology around the home of your elderly loved one is another way to get to stop worrying excessively about them. There are different home systems that you can modify your home with to ensure that your elderly person is well at all times.

You can install an elderly monitoring app that alerts you instantly if your loved one is in any kind of danger or needs immediate medical attention for any reason. This monitoring app will give your older person an illusion of independence since it can replace a caregiver up to a point.
You can also have voice-controlled or automated technology around their home so that they do not have to move around more than is necessary. For example, they can simply give a voice command if they want to turn on the lights. Nowadays, technology is at its peak with the different devices and apps you can use to track your loved one’s health and wellbeing.

Now that you are aware of these three different methods to keep your home safer for elderly people, you can start researching the best options for your elderly loved one. Understandably, elderly people enjoy their independence and comfort, but it does not mean that they should risk their well-being to get what they want. With these modifications and upgrades, you can rest assured and your elderly loved ones will continue to live their lives to the fullest.

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