3 Easy Steps for Effective Lawn Care

Whoever said that the grass is always greener on the other side must not have known how easy lawn care can be. With the right amount of water, most grass can go from brown to green in no time. There are 3 easy steps that will help you find out what your lawn needs to grow and stay healthy.

Step 1 – Which Type of Grass is Growing

Of course, the first step in lawn care is to know what you are working with. Therefore, to best care for your lawn, the starting point is to figure out what type of grass you have growing. Different types, or breeds, of grass require specific treatment in order to be effective. Understanding what your specific lawn needs to be healthy will also prevent you from over or under-watering the grass. After you know your grass type you can find out how much watering is required and how often it will need to be done.

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Step 2 – What is the Local Climate

The weather where you live plays a huge role in the condition of the grass on your lawn. However, just knowing the type of grass growing on your lawn is not enough to ensure it is getting the attention it will need to survive and strive. Start by figuring out if your lawn is growing warm or cool-season grass.

Typically, in average climates, a lawn will need at least an inch of water a week to keep in good condition. Though, that is not necessarily the case if you live in a dry climate or in a rainier region. Grass growing in a hot, dry climate will likely need to be watered more frequently to help avoid browning. For grass growing in a cool climate, less frequent watering may be necessary to avoid over-watering the soil or drowning the grass roots.

Before you break out the hose to start watering your grass make sure you know the weather for your area. This will ensure that your grass gets the right amount of water to stay healthy in its climate.

Effective Lawn Care

Step 3 – Install Lawn Sprinklers

Perhaps there aren’t enough hours in the day to guarantee watering the grass will be done or maybe the lawn is bigger than your sprinkler can cover. There are endless reasons why watering the grass can be put off or done inefficiently. Now that you know which type of grass is growing and what the climate is for your area, ensure a beautiful lawn that is not neglected by automating how it gets watered.

The best way to automate when your lawn gets watered is to bring in the professionals. Never worry about if your lawn is being watered enough or at the right time by installing EZ Lawn Sprinklers for your grass. Having a lawn sprinkler system installed by EZ Lawn Sprinklers will keep your lawn nourished while also conserving water.

Say so long to an unkept lawn by watering your grass on autopilot and see firsthand that the grass is already greener on your side.

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